Mountain Murders

The party has arrived in Port Natal with Lord and Lady Andreu and Lord Fedric. Both noblemen give the party letters of recommendation and Lord Garin Andreu promises to spread word that they are looking for work. The party is staying at Dwarf's Beard inn, and spend their reward on new horses. A couple days later they are approached by a well dressed human male in early middle age. His name is Adolphus; he wishes to hire him to accompany him on an archeological expedition to the Thunderhell Steppes, north of the Inclindel Gap. He expects the trip to take about two months, he will cover all expenses and pay them as well. The party bargains with him and gets 25 gold each per month, with a minimum of two months pay, but three months pay if the trip takes more than two months. Flynn touches his shoulder at one point as part of intimidation, but gets a cold feeling when he does and pulls his hand back. Raaha's genie master speaks to her and tells her to agree. One of his desired items is to the northeast and the genie is curious about this tomb as well. Adolphus agrees to pay them a month worth in advance for extra equipment. The party gets some more supplies, including a few healing potions, and the party sets off. Adolphus' plan is to travel to Natal, then follow the Natal River trade road through the Yabon forest to LaMut then on to Yabon. He has royal travel papers authorizing them to poass through the fortress at the Inclindel Gap.
Partway through the Yabon forest, they come to the town of Sulindal and stop over at the Fat Cat Inn. A couple of locals watch Jace at dinner and approach him and ask if he is a priest. He says he is and they explain the town has been beset with multiple disappearances, at least a dozen with the last month, near to the mountains. One hunter in the area thought he heard singing at one point. The party wants to help and Adolphus agrees to take a four day layover for the party to search the area. But, if they don't return, he will go on without them.
The next morning the locals lead the party to a valley where the hunter heard the singing. They explore the valley and spot a small group of goblins. Zinnius stalks them, but he is spotted and they chase him. The party comes to his aid and they kill the goblins. Searching the goblins reveals nothing more than the petty treasure you would expect and nothing to suggest they are to blame for the disappearances. The party takes a short rest and travels further into the mountains, spotting some giant bird-like creatures circling in the distance. They move forward, but lose sight of the creatures. Continuing on the way, the come to a deep crevasse with steep walls and at the bottom are the partial remains of some of the missing people.
Weird singing begins and Jace, Zinnius and Raaha are paralyzed. Three harpies swoop down on them to attack. Gala and Flynn attack the harpies until the other three shake off the charm. Flynn's rage lets him resist wounds from the harpies and Gala flings Chaos Bolt, Ray of Frost and Fire Bolts at the harpies. Raaha hammers them wih Hex boosted Eldritch Blasts and Zinnius fires arrows with help from Hunter's Mark but misses many of his shots. Jace heals Gala and stops a fleeing harpy with a Command spell. Once the harpies are slain, Raaha and Zinnius find a good spot to make camp and set watches.
In the morning, they travel deeper into the mountains looking for the harpies' lair because Flynn feels three harpies are not enough to account for all the missing people. They find a cave on a high peak and move inside cautiously and encounter two more harpies. Again, spells, missiles and axe strokes cut down the monsters. The party advances deeper into the cave and finds a vertical tunnel descending further down into the mountain. The shaft is wide enough for the harpies to fly up it. They drive spikes into the rock and lower a rope. Flynnleads the way down and the shaft opens into a large cavern again. Sice caves contain harpy nests and the remains of previous victims, some animals, but mostly humans. Three more harpies emerge from the darkness and attack. Flynn is surprised.
Jace is hit repeatedly and passes out after hurting one of the harpies. Raaha deals out lost of wounds with Eldritch Blast and Gala and Zinnias hurl Firebolts and arrows. Flynn rages around the battle, finishing two harpies with his axe. When Jace goes down, Gala heals him and Raaha drops the last harpy. They search the caves and find some treasure, include a gold circlet one of the harpies was wearing and a very large pearl in a leather pouch. When Raaha takes it out, her master cautions her to be careful, it is enchanted.
The adventurers return to town and let the villagers know what happened. Adolphus is glad they survived and feels the delay was worth it. The next morning they continue on their journey to LaMut.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
The party's current employers are from the city of Zun
Stacy "Zun? I'm more partial to the iPod"
Nick "Bill Gates needs love, too"

Discussing the mashed potatoes running gag
Jack "Brittany isn't here, we have to meme for her"
Stacy "Mashed potatoes are my life"
Jim "I didn't know he (Jace) was Irish"
Stacy "He is!"

Discussing archeology
Jack "He doesn't dig it"

The party spots a group of goblins, but Jim didn't have any goblin icons loaded for Roll20 and had to use orcs
Nick "Goblins are just orcs that are still in middle school"

They spot giant bird-like creatures with wingspans over ten feet
Nick "Birds Of Unusual Size"

Jace is knocked out
Stacy "I'm really good at dying"
Mike, filling in for Jack "You should change your hobby"

They find an enchanted pearl in a pouch
Nick "I don't know what that means"
Mike "It means you have a date to the prom, Sponge Bob"