(Based on the adventure "Motherlode" from Serenity Adventures)
Our first delve adventure as a trial of the system and introducing my GM style to the players. The pre-generated characters in the game (Blackjack Pilot, Browncoat Sniper, Browncoat Combat Medic, Ship's Mechanic, Remittance Man) eventually were redone to become Capt'n Sata, Wilks, Lennon, The Jackson and Saxon Molyneux. A Thug/Mercenary character was also played.

The crew was hired to head out to the Blue Sun system and search for a group of derelict Alliance freighters that were lost in the war. The crew found the ships, but one of them had Reavers aboard. The crew had a brief fight with the Reavers on the ship and destroyed their shuttle with a mine made from explosives salvaged from some Reaver boobytraps.

The session ran late and we were not able to finish.