Mos Eisley Pharmacist

First Customer
Just opened my new pharmacy in Mos Eisley and my first patient was a Jawa with an order for a topical anti-fungal. I'm afraid to ask who examined it. And if they're still sane. #dontwanttolooktooclose

Yes, We Do
If someone asks me one more time if we carry sunburn cream, I'm going to scream. We're on Tatooine, of course we have sunburn cream. And sun block. And sun hats. #twosunsdoubletheburns

Hair Of The Bantha
Hangover cures are behind you on the left. And I have some Corellian brandy on sale if you're looking for a good time that won't hit you as hard the next day. #nevertellmetheproof

Big Sale
Just helped out a Mon Calamari looking for a skin moisturizer. Being on Tatooine must be their idea of hell, he took all that I had and asked me to order more. #bakedfish

First Aid Supplies
A guy with a severed arm just came in and bought all my bacta and wound pads. #amorecivilizedweapon

Door to Door
No sergeant, I have seen any droids or old men except for Old Sims there in the waiting area. Hmm? Yes, I have something for scalp itch. #helmetrash

Does This Look Like A Garage?
What? No, I don't have oil baths, I only sell to organics. Check the mechanic down the street. #nodroids

Just When I Go
Back again for your usual? Sorry to hear that, you need to find a better whorehouse. Have you tried Mona's? #yourpharmacistrecommends

Mothers' Milk
Blue Bantha baby formula is in aisle 3, top shelf. #bluemilk

Favorite Customer
Y-y-yes, I have your order, here you are ma'am. P-p-please come again. #hotandsexytwilek

Drink up
Something for dehydration? I don't know, drink more water maybe? #duh

Take Your Positions
Closed for the holiday, be back tomorrow after the race. #boontaseve

From Both Ends
Sounds like Bunkard Sewer Disorder, yeah, its terrible. Here's a few things you can take. And I would move out of that neighborhood. #wipethecounterafter

Roger Roger
A hold up? Are you serious? I guess you didn't notice the coat rack is an old battle droid. And it still works… #wetmopcleanup

Veterinary Supplies, Too
Yes, I have that. But I have to warn you, the dose for a bantha is going to be pretty expensive #horsepillsarenothing

Continuing Education
Doing some required professional studies to maintain my license, Hutt reproductive difficulty treatments are just plain NASTY. #slugsex

Recreational Purposes
No, I don't sell spice. Or deathsticks. Its not that kind of drug store. #rethinkyourlife

The Biting Wind
It always happens when the storms blow in from the East. The bottom lands there are thick with sand fleas. Apply this all over, then use this on the sores. #itcheslikemad

Holiday Candy
I was ordering some candy to have for Harvest Festival, what in the name of the Original Light is a marshmallow porg?? #bitetheheadsoff

A Better Mousetrap
Womprat poison is in aisle 4. Just make sure you get rid of any carcasses, the scavengers are worse #rodentsofunusualsize

Late Delivery
Sorry, I am out of that. My last shipment was lost in that bad sandstorm, this week the ship carrying my delivery got stopped by the Imps. Everything's still waiting in Customs. #imperialentanglements

What's Eating You?
Well, that's the chance you take trying other races' food. Trandoshans can digest the eggs before they hatch in the stomach. Take this daily for a week, hopefully it will kill the larvae before it kills you. #orderwelldonenexttime