Monster Hunters International

Monster Hunters International is based on the novels of the same name written by Larry Coreia. Basically, all the monsters of myth and legend (werewolves, vampires, trolls, etc up to Lovecraftian Elder Gods) are real. In order to protect the public, the goverments of the world have a conspiracy of silence and pay bounties to private individuals and corporations to hunt monsters. There are also goverment agencies who hunt monsters and maintain the secrecy by pressuring, intimidating and even blackmailing and killing witnesses and journalists. You can play some monsters as NPCs, the government allows monsters to earn an exemption from the bounty list by performing a term of service. One character in the books served in WWI, WWII and Vietnam. Another has been working for the government since the Revolutionary War.
I am considering doing at least some delves, but the game is written for the Hero System. I may convert it over to Serenity/Cortex or use the book as source material and start a new Hellboy/BPRD game.