Mirialans and the Empire

Parochialism and Diaspora

The planet Mirial is cold dry planet located in the Illisurevimurasi sector within the Outer Rim Territories. This harsh planet is home to a deeply spiritual people whose primary belief system is rooted in the idea that all Mirialans are interconnected through their thoughts and deeds. This connectedness stems from the fact that all Mirialans are primitively force sensitive and therefore truly do maintain an intimate interconnection.

Mirialan spirituality is centered around not a deity, but this concept of a awareness of their primitive force connection. Through the practice of daily ritual, Mirialans maintain their bond with each other and the Unity they share.

Early in Mirialan history, the planet was closed to outsiders and her people didn’t leave lest they dilute or break Unity. Unfortunately, the planet was so desolate and isolated that even Mirialans didn’t like living there. As adventurous Mirialans ventured off planet, it was obvious that this exodus and diaspora was beneficial to the Mirialan Unity. And so, despite their extreme parochialism, large numbers of Mirialans formed colonies in order to live and work far from home during the age of the Republic.

Mirialan Renaissance

During the Republic, generations of Mirialans lived in colonies throughout the Core Worlds. These colonists were culturally Mirialan, but also well adapted to the cosmopolitan life on these planets were hundreds, if not thousands, of alien species and cultures intermingled seamlessly. They essentially lived two lives, their Mirialan life within the cultural confines of the colony and their public life outside. As this duality of duty to their culture and duty to their home world became routine, many generations of Mirialan grew up without ever setting foot on their home planet. This period of time is referred to by post Imperialist Mirialan as “The Renaissance”.

The Mirialan In-Situ Protectorate

Just months prior to the Palpatine’s declaration as emperor and the execution of Order 66, the Jedi Temple was bombed by a young Mirialan Barriss Offee. Though this event was perpetrated by a single misguided Jedi, then still Chancellor, Palpatine used Offee’s heritage to further distract his populace by claiming that no Mirialan would act alone and therefore all Mirialan Jedi were Offee’s co-conspirators. From there, the circle of conspirators was extended to include all Mirialans living on Coruscant.

With massive public support, Palpatine designated the Coruscant’s largest Mirialan colony an “In Situ Protectorate” which forced all other Miralans to relocate within the protectorate zone. Ostensibly, this zone intended as protection of the inhabitants while an investigation took place. So, while the zone was not a prison, its walls, guards, and check points made it feel like one to the Mirialans living within.

Despite many Mirialans holding positions of power and prestige within Coruscant government and industry, after the Mirialan Sabotage, their reputation quickly eroded. Once a proud race with a long history of service, ethics, and hard work, the Mirialan people now struggled with a public that perceived them as sneaky, dishonest, and dangerous, especially in groups. The first “Anti-Miralan Law” passed prohibited Mirialans from gathering in groups larger than 3 any place not within the protectorate.

For a species whose very culture was centered around unity and community, the prohibition on group activity made it nearly impossible to function. Cut off from the outside, the conditions within protectorate zone deteriorated rapidly and Mirialan families used any remaining wealth and favors to escape Coruscant as refugees.

For fleeing Mirialans, finding passage was difficult. Many ships leaving Coruscant refused to allow Mirialan groups aboard for fear of conspiracy and hijack. Miralans wishing to enter Coruscant airspace to evacuate their fellows were turned away least they represent an invasion force. Smugglers and pirates saw opportunity in the crisis and allowed Mirialan groups aboard at a steep price for poor conditions on ships that often lacked basic necessities for carrying passengers.

The Mirialan Blockade

Shortly after the creation of the Coruscant Protectorate, other core planets followed suit, even asking for Palpatine’s assistance in dealing with their “Mirialan Problem”.

Currently, Mirial itself is a quarantined planet and a protectorate of the Empire. This illegal internment exists as a by-product of the end of the Clone Wars as the investigation into Mirialan conspiracy on Coruscant was never actually resolved.

The blockade around Mirial makes travel to and from the planet difficult. Mirialans must obtain special clearances to leave and those Mirialans wishing to return to their home must prove they were born on Mirial in order to do so. With so many colonists unable to pass through the blockade, most Mirialan refugees are forced to live in crowded colonies on a few friendly planets.