Miranda Revolt

Lee suggested dealing with the aftereffects of the Miranda Broadwave. I had lightly dealt with it in the Yellow Submarine campaign, but I didn't want to make it a setting shattering event. This would be a heavier, canon changing storyline, tying in Cyberserenity. When the Broadwave occurs, it shakes the Alliance to its foundations. It re-awakens the Independent spirit and a movement that the Alliance is too big and out of control. The players could be edgerunners, political pundits, leaders of protest movements, journalists, politicians. But what's their goal? The dissolution of the Alliance?
Open warfare against the Alliance would be even harder now than before. The Border and Rim worlds no longer have their own fleets and the much larger Alliance Fleet's officer corps and especially captains are Core worlders. (Even if the Alliance opened its naval academies to Border and Rim world applicants, those officers would have graduated only 2-3 years ago and would be very low level officers).
If it came to open warfare, the new Independents only hope would be assistance from Earth-that-Is as above or for one of the Core Worlds to support the dissolution movement by seceding.
Londinium would be the best choice. As one of the most powerful Core worlds with a tradition of naval power, and a stong independent streak in our campaigns, the people of Londinium might be the loudest voice to dissolve the Alliance. Or, to overturn the government and bring in a new alliance. Perhaps Londinium and the former Independent worlds could form a new government (the Union? Union of Free Planets?) dividing the 'Verse in half.
Another possibility would be such a wave of anger that the people of the Core worlds rise up in violent protest and topple their own governments. The individual worlds are forced to fall back on local governments. The Alliance could fall in a storm of blood as many politicians are outright lynched and government buildings destroyed.

Okay, but back to my question: what is the player characters' goal and storyline????