Minotaur's Maze

(GM's note- I previously used this adventure in the Young Gamers campaign)
The party arrives at the town of Alton Falls at dusk and sees a large sign as they enter: "Wanted: Adventurers to kill a minotaur. 1,000gp reward, apply at town hall". They meet with the mayor who explains a minotaur and a pack of wolves is attacking travelers and farmsteads, kidnapping people and livestock. The last attack was three days ago, and another five days before that. The party agrees and and takes a 50gp advance, get some supplies and rest up. In the morning they head to the site of the last attack. Rorgan finds the minotaur's tracks and follows them into the wilderness. The tracks lead to the very old ruins of a castle or small town. As they approach, the minotaur's tracks are crossed by the footprints of a large reptile. The minotaur's trail leads to an old set of stairs descending into the earth. The stairs and the dungeon beyond have many tracks, the minotaur, its wolves and the large reptile. But the reptile tracks go right and the rest go through a door. They go through the door and head down a long passage and find a puzzle. Next to the doorway into a large chamber containing a murky pool, they find a stack of rocks, old bones and chunks of wood. They assume there is something in the pool. Moving forward, a pair of tentacles emerge from the water and attack Rorgan and Duma. The party fights the monster, it's an otyugh. Once the monster is slain, Roskva detects some magic in the pool. Duma braves the filthy waters and retrieves a medallion and a cloak. The party continues on to fork with a door in the middle. Trying the door, a passage leads them to a dead end room. They backtrack and go left and find another door, but they can hear the snoring minotaur beyond. They form up and rush to attack and find the minotaur and its three worgs. The party slays them all and loots the minotaur's treasure, including another cloak, jewelry and a magic great axe. The party needs to rest, they decide to heal up before exploring the rest of the dungeon. The party finds a barricaded door that the minotaur blocked from this side,
beyond is a crypt with ghouls. Another stuck door contains a giant ants nest and finally the big reptile tracks belong to a giant fire lizard. Among the treasure they retrieve is a small grey leather box with a gold symbol of the god Simyits, god of Chaos. Inside are a small number of tarot like cards

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing where and what kind of barbarian tribes live in the north
Kimi "I'm 6% scandinavian, so I'm practically a viking"

Talking about minotaurs
Matt "Needs more cowbell"
Jim "You are at -1 chips"

Since minotaurs are solo hunters and generally live alone…
Kimi "How do minotaurs mate?"
Jim "When a male minotaur loves a female minotaur very much…"

The dwarf is a little behind on his hygiene
Jim "JoAnne's elf hands you a bar of soap"
Matt "I look at it, then take a bite"

When the party was in the inn, my background soundtrack was playing festival music. Later, some similar music came on
Kimi "We picked up a CD from the bard at the inn"