Minotaur's Maze

(GM's note- I previously used this adventure in the Young Gamers campaign)

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing where and what kind of barbarian tribes live in the north
Kimi "I'm 6% scandinavian, so I'm practically a viking"

Talking about minotaurs
Matt "Needs more cowbell"
Jim "You are at -1 chips"

Since minotaurs are solo hunters and generally live alone…
Kimi "How do minotaurs mate?"
Jim "When a male minotaur loves a female minotaur very much…"

The dwarf is a little behind on his hygiene
Jim "JoAnne's elf hands you a bar of soap"
Matt "I look at it, then take a bite"

When the party was in the inn, my background soundtrack was playing festival music. Later, some similar music came on
Kimi "We picked up a CD from the bard at the inn"