Mining Crawler

Horronon class ATV (Based on Horronon ATV in Traveller's Across the Bright Face adventure)
This is a vacuum rated, tracked, all terrain vehicle intended for prospecting in hostile enviorments. It has a fusion powerplant with a maximum of 75 hours of operation in most vacuum enviorments. The crawler has its own airlock and an emergency hatch with explosive bolts at the rear. Some models are fitted with a mining laser. Emergency survival kits and tools for emergency repairs are carried.

10 tons
Speed class: 4 (100mph road speed)
Armor: 1W 1S
Weapon: D4 mining laser (vehicle scale, capable of continous fire, but -1 step penalty to hit and half normal range)
Fuel: 75 hours maximum, less under conditions of extreme heat, cold or laser use.
Carrying capacity: 8 passengers or 10 tons of cargo.
Str d10 Agi d4 Vit d8 Int d2 Ale d2 Wil d8
Voidcapable (M) Go Anywhere (M)
Complexity: 42 High
Cost- 5,745cr

Here's a nice picture of someone's version of the original from Traveller.