Mindflayer Town

Travelling south, the party passes into northern Akadi and is driven by a heavy storm to seek shelter in a nearby village a ways off the main road. Reaching the village of Snakebrook, they go to the Leaky Barrel tavern, which is the closest thing to an inn they can find. The barkeep says he does have a few rooms for rent, but he is very subdued and emotionless. The Pancho and Eroe try to make some conversation, but he fails to rise to it. After dinner, he shows the party to the available rooms; two rooms with two double bunks each. There are no locks on the door. The party decides to set watches even though they're in town. In the early morning, Hudora and Harper hear the sounds of battle. Hudora looks outside with her spyglass while Harper wakes Anna and Raidne. Hudora sees a group of strange humanoids in glittering armor dragging villagers from their homes, examining them and then beheading them. Harper goes to wake Pancho and Eroe and casts Shield of Faith on Eroe so he doesn't need to get his heavy armor on. The party heads outside and Hudora climbs the roof to spy and snipe. Seeing the group of enemies, Pancho paralyzes some of them with Hypnotic Pattern and Raidne begins to shoot bolts from Call Lightning. Anna attacks with Fire Bolt, but misses, setting a house on fire. One of the enemy is also a spellcaster and she and Anna begin a duel of long range spells. Pancho uses Crown of Madness on one of the enemy and directs him to attack the enemy wizard. Some of them move forward, combining short range teleports with charges and end up savagin Eroe and Pancho. The enemy mage uses Thunderwave on her own men to snap them out of the mind control spells. Sniping from the roof top, Hudora spots another group coming down the north road, led by a warrior in fancier armor, wielding a glowing silver sword. He leads his group into the party's flank, Eroe goes to face them and he, Harper, Pancho and Hudora face off as Anna finishes the enemy mage. Raidne drops the enemy leader unconscious with a Blight spell and the others are slain.
Hudora spots townspeople emerging from their houses and shambling zombie-like towards the center of town. Eroe ties the leader up and Harper heals the enemy and some of the party. They realize he is a githyanki and begin questioning him. Anna and Pancho mention the silver sword and tell them not to try to keep it; the githyanki are obsessed with these powerful weapons and will send raiders to recover any lost swords, maybe that's what happened here? But from across town comes a hideous figure, flanked by lizard me; a mind flayer, the githyankis' mosty hated enemy. The githyanki leader yells to free him and he will fight. Anna hurls a Vitriolic Sphere into the enemy, killing two lizard men. Harper, Pancho and Hudora finish the lizard men and the mind flayer hits them with a psionic blast and stuns Eroe. It grabs Pancho and gets ready to crack his skull and eat his brain, but the party drives it back and it releases another psionic blast, stunning Harper just as Eroe recovers. Wounded by multiple attacks, the mind flayer is weakened and Pancho pulls his wand and blasts it with Scorching Rays.
With the mind flayer dead, the townspeople awaken from their compulsion. It came to town and took over, the townspeople have been its mental slaves, capturing lone travelers to feed it and its servants, but it ate townsfolk when they couldn't capture passersby. The githyanki knight bargains for his release; they may keep his fallen troops belongings if they will burn the bodies with honor and release him with his equipment intact. The knight is freed and disappears to his home plane.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim "It's the Leaking Barrel tavern"
Nick "Leaking Cask"
Jack "It's the Cask of Amontillado; it's built into a cliff"

The tavern rooms are small, just 8 by 8 with two bunk beds
Stacy "The rooms are huge!"
Jim "It's like a cathedral ceiling to you"

Discussing having been attacked in an inn before
Jack "I'm so suspicious of this town; I'm keeping my pants on"

Jack "I'm paranoid"
Jim "You should be"
Jack "Yes! Wait…"
Jim "It's not paranoia if someone IS out to get you"

Anna and the Githyanki mage are trading spell attacks
Stacy "It's a wand measuring contest"
Jim "It's not the size of the wand, it's the magic within it that counts"
Anna botches on an attack
Jim "Happens to 1 in 10 wizards"
Stacy "They have potions for that"
Nick "Little blue potion"

Jim is considering the bad guys' next move
Jim "I'm going to be a dick"
Jack "What were you before?"