(GM's note- This was a short, filler adventure because I was still working out the next, large adventure Revolution. And we were due for space monsters)

The team is on downtown time after the convoy raid. Aurin has been fitted with a prosthetic arm and is getting used to it. Hack and Leelan work over Redo and install another arm and program him as a transport pilot. C'athall is called in to get orders. One of the outlying sensor outposts reported a missing tech two days ago and yesterday there was a short message that someone else may have been murdered. The sensor is still sending telemetry, but no one at the base is answering. Take the Shriek-Hawk's crew and find out what happened. Examine the sensor and make sure that no one has sabotaged it. C'athall briefs the crew and they hit the base armory for some grenades and a Demp gun. The team convinces Varek to let Redo fly the ship. He agrees grudgingly and hovers over the controls as Redo flies them to the sensor outpost. Hovering over the complex, everything looks intact, no heat signatures of any creatures. But there is a dead Mon Calamari in a Rebel uniform in the clearing. Redo lands the ship and they head out. Examining the body, she was stabbed a couple times and has an odd, almost scoop-like circular wound where her uniform and some flesh are missing. One arm is outstretched, its obvious she was being dragged to the base. They bag her body and put it on the ship. The team moves to the control unit, no one is here, everything appears to be working. Hack brings up their logs, the first missing person was an off duty tech, he went for a walk in the morning and didn't come back. They searched for him, but couldn't find him. Then the next day, the Mon Cal tech came back wounded from searching and collapsed. That's the last entry. Reading further back, logs mentioned that there is a section of stream nearby that the techs used as a swimming hole. They decide to check the living quarters module. As they approach, the door is open and there's a body on the floor. Its the Rodian tech, he is also dead of stab wounds and has the same scoop wound. A dropped blaster pistol lies near his hand and there's a mark on the wall where he fired and missed. The rest of the living quarters also appear normal. They bag his body as well and decide to walk the trail to the swimming hole. Walking down the trail, they spot the first missing technician standing in the woods. He doesn't respond or move and his skin looks odd, maybe rashy or blistered. C'athall sneaks around while the team continues trying to talk to the missing tech. When C'athal approaches, he sees it is not human, but some blob like creature that has shaped itself into a mimicry of the missing tech. He shoots it on stun, there is no result other than the creature flows towards him and its arms shapeshift into long claw tipped tentacles. Zaonderh shoots it twice with his pistol, blowing off chunks. Leelan and Aurin hit it with rifle shots and then Varek fires a wrist rocket into it, blowing away half its mass. C'athal hits it twice more with his blaster, shredding it. In the pile of goo, they find some undigested bits of metal and a comlink. They return to ship and make an initial report about the blobs to an incredulous comtech back at base. Hack realizes he can find the missing comlinks with the ship sensors and they take off. Sweeping the forest, they find a giant blob with two comlinks in it and another with a single comlink. Aurin turns the ship's blasters on them and vaporizes the blobs. They report back to base, Commander Gion says they will need to move the outpost to a more desolate area away from such dangerous wildlife.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
Discussing an outdoor LARP game of Lord of the Rings Emily played in college
Emily "…And I couldn't find Mt. Doom"
Lee "It's in Mordor"
Emily "But I was in Wisconsin"

Still looking for other Mirialans
Lee "Mirialan Tinder"
Jim "Space Tinder, Spinder"
Lee "But there's only three accounts"

Discussing issues at the new base planet
Emily "Space spores suck because its still spores"

Redo is reprogrammed to be a pilot
Lee "To make you feel better, I'm going to paint a big red eye <on Redo> and name it HAL9000"

Finding the dead Mon Calamari
Mike Did the Mon Cal leave a message in blood? 'I'm in Hell, come find me' "

Examining the dead Mon Cal
Emily "I put cocktail sauce on the Mon Cal before I lick it"
Mike "Does it have a tentacle vagina?"
MC "Suction cup nipples?"

Emily "Space farts are the worst"
Mike "In space, no one can hear you fart"

Walking through the woods
Mike "If you hear banjos, run like Hell"

Discussing what kind of single biome planet this is
Kevin "It's the Australian planet; everything is trying to kill you"