Mike AKA "Chmiel"

Mike was the first player at the Meetup to try my AD&D campaign Slavers of the Central Sea, playing the elf mage Cassandra. He also played in our Serenity "The Yellow Submarine" campaign as the pilot Howard and the Spanish adventurer/spy Juan Carlos Escobedo in the Serenity/Space:1889 campaign. Other characters include the psionicist Cyrus in our second AD&D campaign the Warlord, Frank the technopsychic in our Hellboy/BPRD game, samurai Hiro Kurosawa in Secrets of Blackveil and security officer Duncan Bidwell in "Big Damn Medics". Mike has also played in many of my delves, such as Cyberpunk and Oriental Adventures.
He is currently playing dragon born samurai Tetsuo in Lee's D&D 5E campaign Waterdeep Adventures.

He is also a gamemaster and has done his own Cyberpunk campaigns, which have a heavy anime influence, drawing particularly on A.D. Police and Bubblegum Crisis for inspiration. He is also versed in Pathfinder.

Random Quotes
"NINE!" in a bad German accent whenever he gets that roll.

"It's like smoking a Halls" talking about menthol cigarettes.

Matt "How thick is this forest?"
Mike "As thick as your head"

Discussing intramural quidditch
"It's like LARPing with brooms"

We went to Wendy's
Mike "I'll have a number 9 <combo meal>"
Jim "Of course you will…" The cashier didn't understand why we all burst out laughing.

Talking about Krupnik honey vodka
“It’s like mead’s angry uncle who shows up to the party and says racist things”

Joined 11/29/08