Midkemia Races

Humans are the most widespread race and most of the ethnic groups are represented. The Kingdom of the Isles has more European background, the Empire of Kesh is Mediterranean. The areas conquered by Kesh include african, arabic, chinese and nordic areas and there is, of course, a japanese island.

Elves "Eledhel"
Eledhel are the equivalent of high or grey elves. They are the most sophisticated, with good magic skills. They live in the Forest of Elvandar north of the Crydee river.

Dark elves "Moredhel"
Unlike drow in regular D&D settings, the dark elves of Midkemia live above ground in deep forests and wilderness. They are also called the Brotherhood of the Dark Path because they chose evil while the eledhel follow good. They are physically the same as eledhel, but tend to be more muscular and thin from their rougher lifestyle. The preferred class is Barbarian. They do have magic, but more of the witch doctor variety.

Wood elves "Glamredhel"
Wood elves are more rustic than eledhel, but not as bad as moredhel. They live a simple life in the Edder forest and are not welcoming to strangers. Their preferred classes are druid or ranger.

The dwarves of Midkemia are more like traditional dwarves, they have two nations, one in the Grey Towers mountains, the other in the Grey Ranges mountains.

Gnomes live in the Cavell hills in the center of the Kingdom.