Michael was a new member of our group, he had played computer games before, but not tabletop roleplaying games. So in his first four weeks, we managed to introduce him to four game systems: AD&D, Cyberpunk 2020, Car Wars and Cortex/Serenity. Now he's becoming a veteran and a gamemaster himself.

He played the half elf druid Greywind in the "Secrets of Blackveil" AD&D campaign, ex-soldier Boomer in our Cowboy Bebop games, Blackjack pilot Cid Garland in the "Lost Sheep" Serenity campaign until his death. He replaced Cid with Long Tzi Tai and played Konni, a monkey Hengeyokai kensai in "Blood Vengeance". Michael recently played the free (and possibly insane) droid XTR-MN8 in the Star Wars D6 campaign Shadows of Discord and the Devaronian Grifter Zaonderh D'rargav in the Star Wars Rebellion campaign.
He played the warlock Barakiel in Lee's D&D 5E campaign Waterdeep Adventures.

Joined 11/12/12