Memories of Doomsday

(Based on material from the FASA Star Trek adventure "A Doomsday Like Any Other")

Konrad Commander Saxon Huxley, Captain of the USS Twain
Christopher Lt. Commander Xavier Marshall III, Chief Engineer
Michael Lt. Justin Murphy, Tactical Officer

Act I
While the war against the Dominion rages, old ships are pressed into routine duties. The USS Twain, a 120 year old Knox class frigate, is on patrol near the Romulan Neutral Zone at the rimward edge of the Federation. They detect an unidentified ship heading towards the Neutral Zone and move to intercept. It turns out to be a pair of Ferengi vessels, a small freighter and an escort. The escort isn't much bigger than the Twain, but it's much more modern. When they are hailed, the freighter breaks off and heads for a nearby system with an unstable flare star, hoping to hide. The escort turns to face the Twain, and her captain, a Daimon Gral challenges the Twain's right to stop them. The Federation crew is surprised to see a high ranking officer commanding a small escort and are more suspicious. Captain Huxley dispatches two fighter shuttles to shadow and scan the freighter. The escort heads in and opens fire on the Twain. The Twain returns fire and the two ships maneuver for advantage. On the next pass, the Ferengi vessel begins charging photon torpedoes, but Lt. Murphy strikes their torpedo bay with a megaphaser cannon shot and the torpedo bay explodes, crippling the escort and reducing it to a smoking wreck. The Twain moves in and tries to stabilize the wreck, but the tractor beam overloads. Boarding teams are transported aboard and the ferengi crew are transported off. The fighters return with the freighter, it has a shielded cargo bay and they can't detect what she is carrying. A boarding crew goes aboard to take control and find the ship is carrying arms, mostly Klingon small arms with some Federation made weapons. Her crew is arrested and transported aboard the Twain, a prize crew gets her under way and the Twain takes the derelict escort in tow and the ships head for the Federation outpost at Ectair.

Act II
As the ships approach Ectair, they encounter a strong area of subspace noise, interfering with sensors and communications. The Federation outpost is experiencing it also. The Twain's crew can find no cause for it, but it does seem to be centered on a point source moving towards Ectair at low warp speeds. Communications continue to worsen, then they receive a broken message that the system is under attack by an unknown vessel.
Captain Huxley orders a marker buoy attached to the wreck and cuts it loose. They proceed to Ectair at maximum warp and arrive at the system. Sensors detect several civilian ships fleeing the system and the outermost planet is wracked by antimatter explosions. They approach the planet and find a strange vessel, a cone shaped object miles long with a mouth more than a mile across. It is firing a beam of anti-protons into the planet, which is causing it to break up. The object is digesting the pieces for power. It is the source of the subspace field which is also draining power from the Twain's shields.
A record search turns up the records from the USS Enterprise's encounter with a similar "doomsday machine", standing fleet orders to deal with it no matter the cost, and how the first one was destroyed. The Twain heads out system, retrieves the wreck and orders the freighter's prize crew to head for the nearest inhabited world to spread the word. On the way back to Ectair, they rig the wreck's impulse engines for overload and prepare a couple other ideas as well. The Twain's crew tries to destroy the machine with a computer controlled shuttle towing a fuel cell of antimatter, then hiding antimatter on a piece of rubble the machine digested. Sensor readings show that both attempts failed because the energy draining field deactivated the antimatter before it could be detonated.
They attempt the Kirk Defense with the booby trapped Ferengi escort, Lt. Cdr. Marshall stays aboard to activate the bomb. The Twain pulls the wreck onto course, Marshall sets the timer and is safely beamed aboard. However, in his anxiety about facing the maw of the doomsday machine, he hit the timer too soon and the wreck explodes outside the machine's mouth. The attempt has failed. Now the only ship they have is the Twain herself.

While the doomsday machine heads across system to devour another planet, the Twain retreats to Ectair to consider their next move. Knowing that an antimatter powered explosion is useless, they begin researching the possibility of building a fusion bomb. While the Twain is at Ectair, sensors detect an approaching vessel. It turns out to be the Ferengi freighter and the prize crew. They returned because while searching the ship, they found six tricobalt bombs hidden in the cargo. Knowing what the Twain faced, they returned to Ectair against orders in case the bombs were needed to destroy the doomsday machine.
The crew makes a new plan. They will lure the machine into following them and drop the tricobalt bombs as mines in the machine's path. The Twain approaches the doomsday machine, but they get too close and it hits them hard with its anti-proton beam. They maneuver around and get it to follow them, then drop a pair of bombs on timers in the machine's path. The timing is perfect and the bombs detonate inside the machine. The explosion heavily damages the machine, but does not destroy it. It changes course to the nearest planet in order to rebuild its energy reserves. The Twain maneuvers in front of it and drops a second pair of bombs, again, the bombs are perfectly timed and the second attack destroys the machine.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Konrad "The Borg? Sounds Swedish"
Konrad "Somebody set us up the bomb"

Michael had the most amazing dice rolls. I have never seen anyone roll so many 80s and 90s on percentile dice. Unfortunately, you have to roll low…