Medical Equipment Rules and Bonuses

First Aid

Intelligence + Medical Expertise (d6)
Requires First Aid kit or Med Bag
Temporary Wound Sealer: +1 step for bleeding wounds
Infirmary or Med Comp: +1 step
Improvised gear (torn cloth tourniquet or bandages, sewing kit for sutures, etc) can replace Med Bag but at a -1 to -3 step penalty.


Agility + Surgery Skill (Trained only)
Med Bag only: -1 step
Surgical Vision Enhancement Goggles: +1 step
Infirmary: no bonus
Hospital: +2 step
Med Comp: +1 step
Dermal mender: no bonus, but recover an extra wound point
Standard Bag: -3 steps
No assistants: -3 steps


Alertness + Medical Expertise or Triage specialization skill
Diagnostic Imaging Scanner: +1 step
Med Comp: +1 step
These two do stack.