Maxca 6

Maxca 6 is a terrestrial world in the Manxca system, orbiting a very large and hot star. Even though it is distant from the star, it is significantly warmer than average. Surface gravity is about 10% above standard. More than 50% of the surface is water and with the high temperatures, the planet has an almost 90% cloud cover.
While the atmosphere breathable by most races, there is a local fungus that produces airborne spores that can cause lethal lung infections. During the the breeding season, visitors must wear filter masks.
There are no asteroid belts in the system and the only gas giant is a ringless, moonless one in a close orbit around the star. Since the system has little in natural resources and is in a remote location, there is no interest in the system at all. The Rebels moved their base of operations in the Brak sector here to Outland Base.