Commander Matty Matheson

Commander Matty Matheson

New York City, Earth 35 year old Male

Matty is a typical looking military type. Standing at 6'1" he is well built and muscular, he has brown hair however it is rarely grown as he always is cleanly shaven and buzz cut. When he is not in military uniform Matty sports his beat up old band t-shirts, and a pair of black levi jeans. A quick look at him outside uniform would make it look like he was some washed up musician, however Matty is quite intelligent, not only in covert operations, but in medicine, and literature.

Matty grew up in a broken home. His parent's (who should have split up) were not only physically abusive but mentally abusive. Their addiction to drugs, and gambling left them little to no money. Matty had to fight to not only survive at home but also while in school. Not having enough money to buy new clothing he was bullied constantly. Finally when he became a teenager Matty committed himself to working as he could then have enough money to support himself and live a somewhat normal life. Working minimum wage however wasn't enough for Matty to escape the terror of his home life. The money he would stow away as his "escape" fund was always being raided by his monstrous parents who needed it to fuel their addiction.

Matty finally knew how he could escape his life, how he could change things for himself and not look back. Out of the sum of money that he saved he decided to get as much of his body tattooed, the searing pain of the machine dulling the pain from his family.

He then decided to join the UNN Navy. Matty trained relentlessly while moving up the ranks in the Navy. The hazing he took by his fellow cadets was nothing in comparison to what he experienced as a child. He gained the respect of his commanding officers, his relentless drive moved him into an opportunity to work beneath Fred Johnson.

His first major assignment was to travel to a remote refinery station, Anderson station where there were reports of the workers rioting. The anxiety of travel was overwhelming as this wasn't a simulation. Strangely he felt prepared for potential combat, he longed for it. He felt the duty to fight for his home. All these feelings came to a screeching halt when the truth revealed itself. He saw the transmission come through, saw the worried looks on the people about to die on Anderson station. As the station was destroyed and their ship flew back to base all Matty could do was feel an overwhelming sense of loss and guilt for what he had taken part of. The feelings he felt about killing all those innocent people was enough for him to realize that he could have easily slipped into the same patters as his parents. He decided that he needed to again focus himself and do the best he could to not only help his country but to help anyone possible.

It was at that time that he became a private mercenary for hire, aside from his dealings with the UNN Navy.

Do you have any quirks we should know about?
Loves putting metal on whenever possible.

What kind of impression do you think you first make?
At first glance and out of uniform Matty looks like an dingy angry ex-rock-star. In uniform he appears stoic and ready for action.

Describe your favorite things and your least favorite things (foods, drinks, books, music, assault rifles, etc.)
I love heavy metal! I also enjoy literature

What is your romantic life like? (Orientation? A virgin? Has there been a “great love”?)
I do occasionally seek the companionship of a woman, but I have never been in "love".

What do you fear? (Do you have reoccurring nightmares or dreams?)
I fear of falling into the same addictions as my parent's of destroying someone's life they have my tried to do with me.

Who do you look up to? (If there isn’t anyone now, was there someone in the past?)
I have no idols. The only way to succeed in this world is to work hard.

What offer would be irresistible enough for you to betray your friends and crew mates?
I would NEVER betray my crew, they are my family people I would fight and die to protect.

What principles matters to you most?
Giving good people a chance, not judging by appearance. Working hard to gain respect.

What is your most treasured possession? Why?
My vintage metal t-shirts, music was escape as a child. It protected me from the terror I was living in real life. I felt comfortable hearing that other people are as angry and broken as I am.

What are your ambitions? (What are you social, professional, and romantic goals? What do you wish you could do that you can’t?)

Where do you picture yourself 20 years from now?
Continuing to fight for what's right

What other kinds of work have you done to pay the bills?
I'm a mercenary doing work for those who need it.

What are your political and religious beliefs, if you have any? (Do you have any prejudices?)

Do you have any hobbies?
Exercising, reading, listening to heavy metal

If you the player could give your character a piece of advice, what would it be?

How do you feel about children?
Indifferent, I will not allow harm to come to a child

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