Martial Arts

Okay, I found an article about martial arts in the Star Wars D6 special forces book. For every full d6 worth of skill, you may choose one special maneuver from the special maneuvers table. The special maneuvers table has a difficulty listed for each maneuver. You have to make a normal to hit roll and if you succeed, then make a Martial Arts skill check against the indicated difficulty (VE-Very Easy, E-Easy, M-Moderate, D-Difficult, VD-Very Difficult).

Basic Maneuvers
Punch: Does Strength+1D damage
Kick: Does Strength+2D damage
Parry: Martial artists may use their Martial Arts skill as Brawling Parry

Special Maneuvers
Disarm (D): if the character's attack is successful and not parried or dodged, the target is disarmed.
Elbow Smash (D): if successful, attacker may add +1D to the damage roll (So Strength+2D).
Flip# (M): If successful, the attacker throws the target to the ground and does 3D damage. The target must take an action and an Easy Dex roll to get to his feet.
Flying Kick (VD): If successful, attacker does Strength+2D+2 points of damage. If she fails, the attacker is off balance and at -1D to all actions in the next round.
Foot Sweep (E): Will trip the target who must take an action and make an Easy Dex the next round to stand.
Headbutt (E): Can only be used if the attacker is close to the target (grappling, etc.). Does +1D damage.
Hold/Grapple (M + opposing Strength): Once the target has been successfully held, the attacker must make an opposing Martial Arts versus the target's Martial Arts, Brawling, or Strength each round to continue to hold them. If the target is held, he or she cannot attack.
Instant Knockdown (D): If landed successfully, this attack knocks the target to the ground. The target must take an action and an Easy Dex roll to get to his feet.
Instant Stand (M): Allows the martial artist to automatically stand up without taking an additional action.
Instant Stun (D): If successfully landed, this attack stuns the target for one round.
Multiple Strikes (D): A character can make an additional attack this round doing Strength damage without a penalty for an additional action.
Nerve Punch (VD): If successful, the attack punches a bundle of nerves on the target and renders a limb unusable for 3D rounds. If the attacker beats the difficulty number by 15, the target is rendered unconscious for 3D rounds. Note, this will generally not work against cyborgs!
Power Block (M): A successful Power Block stops an unarmed attack and inflicts Strength damage to the attacker.
Reversal (Opposed Strength or Brawling or Martial Arts): Only works while being held or grappled. If successful, the martial artist breaks free and renders person holding him or her immobile (see Hold/Grapple above).
Silent Strike (D): If the character sneaks up on a target and also rolls a successful Silent Strike, the attacker does Punch or Kick damage +1D additional damage without making a sound.
Spinning/Power Kick (M) Strength+3D damage. If the attack fails, the attacker is off balance and suffers a -1D to all actions next round.
Shoulder Throw# (M): A successful attempt will allow the martial artist to hurl a target to the ground doing 3D damage. The target must take an action and an Easy Dex roll to get to his feet.
Weapon Block* (Opposed Martial Arts versus Melee Combat roll): Allows an unarmed martial artist to parry a weapon used in a melee attack.

[#- Flip and Shoulder Throw are functionally identical.
[*- I have to think about this one a bit. In many systems, if you do an an unarmed block of a melee weapon, you take the normal base damage of the weapon, but without any of the attacker's normal damage bonuses. In others you are assumed to have blocked the attacker's arm instead of touching the weapon itself. So, in D&D for example, if you blocked a long sword, you would take the weapon's normal 1d8 damage, but no bonuses for the wielder's strength or specialization.]