Mansion of the Mi-Go


Callum Private Investigator
Chris Professor
Jim Actress/Singer
Kevin Journalist
Lee Lawyer
Michael Doctor

(based on the sample adventure, A Foreign Affair, from the Call of Cthulhu rulebook)
The characters, who do not know each other, are invited to the estate of a mutual friend, an eccentric British inventor. His son has written them and offered to pay their travel expenses to bring them there. His father was working on a revolutionary new ship design and the son needs assistance in finishing it and marketing the the design. But when the characters arrive, it gets very strange. The son is not quite right, his deformed twin brother is in a sanitarium and the oldest son died years ago. No one, including the crew of the ship can explain how it works and are hiding something. The investigator finds a secret passage in his room, the inventor's last journals and revision of the will suggest a descent into madness. They find a coded passage in his diary and the inventor says strange alien beings came to him and gave him the secrets he used to build the ship. He traveled to a mysterious location in the Arctic to bring them chemical supplies and visited a metal room that changed the flow of time.
When the son is shown the mysterious passages in the book, he is quite confused, he knew none of this. The party decides speaks to the crazy twin at the sanitarium, then go back to the estate to investigate the secret tunnel and comes to a bizarre room of flesh covered walls and odd instruments. They take some books and a bizarre weapon. An alien creature attacks and they defeat it, but they hear strange sounds from the top floor. They find the inventor's son under attack by two more creatures and defeat them, but the son is killed by accident when the lawyer tries to use the alien device. With the death of the son, the party decides to flee. They check on the house staff, they have fled the mansion. When they return to the secret chambers, they have been stripped, the strange flesh is gone as well. Gathering a few bits, the party steals a car from the estate's garage and escapes.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Jim offers to take the female character so everyone else can pick other characters
Jim "I'm channeling Jessica Rabbit"

The characters are invited to an English mansion for their inheritance from a mutual friend
Jim "I feel like this is the opening set up for Clue"

Lee is playing a French lawyer
Lee "I am a civil lawyer; when I sue you, you will think I am your friend"

Lee "My Knowledge is 99%?"
Jim "You do well on Jeopardy"

Kevin "How many World War 2 history books are there four years later?"
Lee " 'WW2: Will we win?' "

Michael is trying to make a Persuasion roll
Kevin "If you fail, there will be tentacles and no one will be happy"

Reading the will
Lee "Who is C. Thulhu?"
Kevin "What kind of name is Yog?"
Jim "It's Swedish"

Matt "He was buried in the yard"
Jim "Did he stay buried?"
Lee "His tombstone reads 'That is not dead which can eternally lie' "

The dead inventor was named Terrence and named all three of his sons Terrence also
Lee "What is the ship name?"
Matt "SS Everlight"
Callum "I thought it would be named Terrence"

Lee's lawyer bribes the staff at the sanitarium
Lee "I'm moving the plot along, you can't put a price on that"

Jim "I pull my derringer"
Kevin "So if something very small gets very close, you might be able to wound it"

Lee's character charges the monster with the alien weapon he found
Kevin "I've never heard of a Frenchman wanting to jump into battle"

The weapon sprays a cone of purple gas
Lee "We don't know what it does"
Jim "It might put them to sleep. Or flay the flesh from their bones"