Malfi Blood Sworn

Group of highly trained and skilled individuals commonly hired as hitmen and assassins. Have a strict code of honor and contracted through a blood oath pact. Common signs of a member of this organization is the twin scars on the wrists and branded hands featuring a blood drop on the back of the hand. This is representative of the blood bond that each adept goes through to become a full fledged member of the association.

They have a list of commandments that they strictly follow and are as such:

  • Never betray a fellow member of the association. Members who betray the Blood-sworn are known as Tainted Bloods. 
A Tainted Blood is to be hunted by the remaining members who are to avenge this betrayal, the punishment is death.

  • No guns are to be used, ever. Such devices are uncivilized and barbaric. Use of a device will result in the loss of the tainted limb that used it carried out by the Blood-sworn member. Failure to do so is punishable by death.

  • Once a contract has been signed for and payed it is to be completed. The signature is to be signed in blood by both parties. This is what is to be spilled, and it must be understood that blood is the currency of life and death.

  • Failure to complete a contract is self termination. If the Blood-sworn does not complete this task, he is to be hunted down and brought back to the remaining members for punishment and death.

  • Blood-sworn are members until they are terminated through carrying out a contract or betrayal of other commandments. For a member to retire they must complete all contracts they are currently involved in and preform the Exsanguination Ritual to be fully retired.

  • The Exsanguination Ritual is for proven privileged Blood-sworn members who have attained the rank of Blood Angel or higher.
  • Family is protected under the Blood-sworn Pact, once a member, all family members are protected under the pact. If the pact has been broken, that means the member has betrayed one of the commandments punishable by death, and the family will share in the shame and punishment of the individual. 
If a Blood-sworn dies fulfilling a contract the family is to be taken care of by remaining members of the Blood-sworn.

The only time any of these commandments can be broken, is under the direct authority of the Arch Blood Angel, the highest Rank obtained in the Blood-sworn. He is feared and respected by all in the Fellowship, failure to due so is punishable by death.

Ranks within the organization:

  • Adept members – Blood drop tattoo on back of hands, show skill with archaic weapon of their choosing.

  • Marshall- Twin Scarring on wrists.

  • Cardinals- 10 Commandments Tattooed on both arms, hand crafted Blood-sworn Sword

  • Blood Angel- Wings tattooed on back, Hand crafted ebony crimson glass stained bow.
 Blood Angels are to be feared and respected for they have proven themselves the most valuable. All but the Arch Blood Angel must answer to their call.

  • Arch Blood Angel- Golden breast-plate tattoo on chest, angel tear tattoo on face, Mono blade Gauntlets.

Earning Ranks:

  • Adepts are NOT Blood-sworn, they are in training to be so. If they fail training, the back of their hands are burned and blackened to cover tattoo but show their failure. If they succeed in training they become Marshall’s and are scarred to show their devotion to spill blood for their Fellowship. This is the Sanguination Ritual, it is a proud time for the young Blood-sworn.
  • Cardinal rank is earned through 50 successful contracts. The Sword is a gift forged specially for the member as their skills were sharpened and forged over the years, so is the sword. No two are alike. It is said that proof of a dead Cardinal is shown by bringing their personal sword back.
  • Blood Angel Rank is earned through over a 100 successful contracts and they are knighted by the Arch-Blood Angel. The knighting isn’t given for the completion of a 100 contracts alone. The Malfi Blood-sworn must prove his worth to the Arch Blood Angel on a personal level. There are many Blood-sworn.
  • Cardinals with more than a 100 contracts complete who have never and will never obtain the Rank of Blood Angel.

  • The Arch Blood angel is a title given to the highest ranking member of this Fellowship. It is earned through combat or vote. Blood Angels do not have to apply for the position but those that do must either give up the position or fight other fellow Blood Angels for this honored title. The changing of the Arch Blood Angel is through the death or retirement of the current Arch Blood Angel. Also if challenged and killed in combat by proceeding blood angels, that blood angel will receive the honored title of Arch Blood Angel. The only way this even can occur is if the Arch Blood Angel agrees to the challenge.

Note: This is all Matt's work, but I kept having to wade through it in order to tie in things for Ruan's backstory. I finally got tired of it and reorganized it for easier reference. —emily.