Hellboy/B.P.R.D. Magic

There will be two kinds of Magic: ritual magic and spell based magic, which is arcane magic or wizardry. Ritual magic involves long, complicated ceremonies to draw power from a supernatural source. Wizardry is using your own power to draw upon and channel magical energy from your surroundings and is more what we think of as "combat" magic (throwing fireballs, shooting lightning, death spells). Ritual magic takes time and may require a proper location. Wizardry is quick, but drains stun points to represent fatigue from casting spells. I am going to be heavily influenced by Jim Butcher's "The Dresden Files" and Glen Cook's "The Black Company" for wizardry ideas.

Magic is a skill, it specializes into types of magic, so your skills might look like: Magic d6/Illusion d8/Force d10/Divination d8. You have to take the Asset Mage, either Dabbler (minor) or Adept (Major) to buy skills. They do not give you any bonus to your rolls like Talented or Born Behind the Wheel does. Dabbler means you are limited to a maximum of d6 in Magic. Most spells are going to be quick and dirty and generally you're throwing magic against an opponent, so that means opposed rolls. The caster usually uses Willpower for attack or mental spells, Alertness for divination, Intelligence for illusions. Targets will resist with Willpower plus Discipline or simple Agility plus Dodge for attacks. Your range is generally your skill level squared in feet (so d8 is 8x8 or 64' range), damage is your skill level. If you make a wall of fire or force, its surface area is again your skill squared, you can shape it and a wall appears up to 10 feet away. You can trade off size or damage for range. A wall's strength is your skill, with Fire d8 you could make a wall of 64 square feet that does d8 damage to whatever passes through it. Solid walls like force, ice, stone, block attacks (a d10 bullet hitting a d8 wall comes through as d2). It costs a stun point to cast a spell, you can add plot points for more power. Taking penalties on your skill roll lets you raise damage or range or area of effect.

Magic items may hold a reserve of stun points to power spells or add bonuses.