Lovely Rita

Lovely Rita is the name given by Lennon to the Yellow Submarine's 25 ton short range shuttle. Jackson secretly had a piece of "nose art" painted on her hull on each side between the airlocks and bridge. It shows a beautiful woman with long black hair, red high heels and evening gown, done in the style of a 1940's cartoon.
The shuttle has several equipment storage compartments on board and Wilks makes sure there is always some beer tucked away.

25 ton Short Range Shuttle Yin Shing (Silver Star) class
Tonnage: 25 (Vehicle)
Speed Class: 8 Full Burn: 10 (Reaction drive only)
Crew: 2
Fuel Capacity: .05 tons (25 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 12.85 tons
Passenger Capacity: 8
Price: 1,125 cr.
Agi:d8 Str:d4 Vit:d6 Ale:d6 Int:d4 Wil:d6
Init: d6+d6 Life: 10
Skills: Perception:d4 Pilot:d4
Complexity: Average
Maintenance cost: 50 cr. per year

In October of 2518, Jackson and Howard upgraded the shuttle's engines and her Agility in November. In December, he had a layer of programmable paint and a control unit installed so the color and even patterns could be changed.

Lovely Rita was crippled by a reaver missile (Secrets of Miranda) and is currently in storage on Persephone after being repaired.