Lost Songs

Michael- Human Cleric Arter
JoAnne- Human Mage Asha
Mike- Elf Mage Aurobon
Natasha- Half-elf Thief Envy
NPC- Human Ranger Valder

The party is hired by a wealthy minstrel to steal a map he lost out on at an auction to a rival. When he has the map, he explains that it leads to a castle which may the final resting place of a famous bard named Robinton, who disappeared over 50 years ago. Supposedly he was visiting the castle when it was overrun by goblinoids and Robinton was never seen again. The minstrel wants the players to go there and search the ruins for Robinton's magical lute that he was given as a gift by the elves. Also, if they can find any of his musical notes, they would also be of great value. The party travels north into the open lands and faces ogre road bandits and a camp of gnolls in the village near the ruined castle. They find some treasure and a magic wand in a wall safe in the upper levels of the castle, then some of Robinton's original song sheets sealed in a scroll tube. They descend to the castle's basement and encounter a group of wights eating the remains of the castle's defenders. The wights are destroyed and a magic axe, set of chain mail and the lute are recovered.

Quotes and Smart Remarks
Mike's wizard is chowing down on the excellent mashed potatoes at the inn
Jim "Are potatoes red or white wine?"

Mike can't decide if his elf is a high or a wild elf
Michael "You're a high elf jerk"

More potato commentary from Mike leads to
Jim "Sounds like Forrest Gump. Mashed taters, fried taters, taters with gravy…"
Natasha "Life is just a box of taters"

Mike "What do you call a skeleton on loaner? A boner…"
Jim "Can you afford to make jokes that bad with as few chips as you have in your hand?" Mike has been fined XP chips in the past for bad jokes.

JoAnne is considering sending her fox familiar to carry a message to their contact.
Mike "So JoAnne, what does the fox say?"