Serenity "Lost Sheep" Campaign

The crew of the Firefly class transport Britannia
Blackjack Captain David Windsor- Lee
Browncoat Mechanic/Public Relations Silas Walker- Kevin
Co-Pilot/Technician Naomi Hale- Raleigh
Medic Ruan Weir- Emily
Deckhand Lawrence Felman Junior- Matt
Cargo manager Long Zi Tai- Michael
Mechanic Lothel- Allison

Passengers and Associates
Ronnie Fullmer- Matt
Sarah Fullmer
Roy Hwang, Bounty Hunter- Chmiel
Tia, Companion- Kimi

Former Crew
Blackjack Pilot Cid Garland (Deceased)- Michael

The Britannia
Shuttle 1 Trustworthy
Shuttle 2 Trigger Happy
UV-11 Bulldog MULE

Campaign Background

Planning Sessions
Ship's Log
Season One
Shared Enemies
Gold Rush
Alone in the Night
Hired Help
Blackjack Cache
Space Train Job
Days Long Past
Silverhold Shuffle

Season Two
All in the Syndicate
Reaver Competition
Salvage Run
Hack the Code
Assassin Strike

Season Three
Drone Run
Fury Delivery
Bellerophon Bounty
Old Parts
Locke & Load
Prisoner Passage
The Alliance Lieutenant's Connection
Gun Runners
Moving Day/Forced Entry
Liner Larceny
Pirate Booty
Locke Out

Season Four
Lost Family
Fall of the House of Higgins
Good Help

New Stuff
Core World Paramedic's Bag
Deutrex Panthera pump action shotgun
Hologram Decoy
Grav Pallet
Ares Interplanetary Arms Shan Dian (Lightning) Coil Pistol
Justice Arms Flash High Velocity Pistol
Jinan Shen Chui (Godhammer) Gauss Rifle
Iskellian Technologies BTCHN Camaro Pistol
Vulcan Products Narsil extendible sword
Callahan Full Bore Auto Lock
Dunarmco Squad Light Machine Gun SLMG-12
Stellar class Passenger Liner
Trident class Fast Transport
Boarding Grenades
Mercury EVA Flight Pack
Ares Interplanetary Arms Phobos Gauss Assault Rifle
Ares Interplanetary Arms Deimos Micromissile Pod
Blue Sun Grasshopper Jump Pack
Ares Interplanetary Arms Hades Enhanced Gauss Pistol
Jinan Chun Bian (Hammerstrike) Heavy Gauss Pistol

Supporting Characters
Captain Matheson, IAV Heimdall
Syndicate Boss Adelai Niska
Former Blackjack Shen Esposito