Londy Patriots

One of the major aspects of our campaign has been that Londinium had a large number of soldiers who defected and fought for the Independents. Examples of this are Emily's player character Lennon and the NPCs of Admiral Sharpe, Saul Potter and the crew of the Glory. We set things up so the Londinium military had put in a loophole and made enlistment in the Alliance military voluntary, not required.

Emily wanted to come up with a term to refer to these soldiers, and she really wanted to use "patriots". I wanted to avoid something color based, as we have Browncoats, "Purple Bellies" and in our campaign, Blackjacks. After some discussion, we settled on patriots. The Londinium inhabitants who opposed Unification felt themselves to be Londinium patriots, looking out for their world. The media spin doctors sneered at them as being separatists and standing in the way of progress. "Patriot" was pronounced as a slur and an insult. These Londinium objectors never lost sight of the real meaning of the word and tried to live up to it even after they had abandoned their home world to join the other side. On the rim, these soldiers were simply referred to as "Londies" by the Browncoats they joined. "Londy" is a short slang term for people from Londinium, Osirans were called "Ozzies", Persephoneans were "Percies", Bernadettans were "Bernies", etc.