Liberation Of Bacrana

The team is recovering after escaping from the pirates on their last mission. Leelan gets a new prosthetic foot with a seismic motion detector. The Shriek-Hawk is in storage, waiting for a chance to move it to a qualified shipyard. Repairs and modifications are being made to the communications support tender they captured; it will be used as a fighter carrier. Lots of new ships and personnel are moving through the base, a major operation is coming. C'athall is called in for a meeting with General Reskan and Commander Gion to get his briefing. The Alliance is going to strike at Bacrana. Their team will be sent to Bacrana covertly, their mission is to locate former Premier Berenk, the last elected leader of Bacrana. The Empire has him under house arrest and use him to make propaganda broadcasts to support the Empire. The team needs to find and rescue him and take him someplace to make a pro-Rebel broadcast at the right time to support their attack. C'athall will receive a transmission when the attack is imminent so they can make their broadcast. Obviously, this is a difficult mission and the team will need all their best equipment. Since Bacrana is under tight Imperial control, no weapons are allowed. They have made arrangements to smuggle in a shipping container with their arms and supplies. C'athall requisitions grenades and a field communications unit with Holonet broadcast capability. The team loads up their gear and head to Genesia to get commercial transport to Bacrana.
The team selects a passenger transport for the trip. Hack and C'athall travel in steerage, Zaonderh upgrades his to business class and Varek, Aurin and Leelan travel coach. The arrival at Bacrana goes well, until C'athall tries to pass through customs. Something about him worries the inspector and he is detained for questioning. Zaonderh steps in and bribes the Imps to release C'athall. They make contact with the Rebel cell who they dealt with before and move out of the city into the suburbs to get to work. Hack slices a bunch of old Imperial broadcasts and obtains the ID number for the repeater station that fed the broadcasts into the network and finds out where it is. Examining the broadcasts shows the premier is recorded in a well appointed office in a tall building overlooking a wilderness area. The repeater station is on another continent in an area of wealthy estates belonging to the highest levels of Bacrana society. They rent a shuttle and load their gear and fly to a nearby spaceport. Half the port is set aside for high class executive shuttles and yachts. The team moves to a nearby town that serves the workers from the local estates. Hack and C'athall end up in a strip club and spot a couple of stormtroopers in civilian clothes. Aurin seduces one away to be captured for interrogation, C'athall approaches the other two who decide to beat him up, then pull a vibroblade when he starts beating them. Hack and Zaonderh join in and they knock out the stormtroopers. C'athallintimidates the bar's bouncer and Hack tosses some money to the bartender and they drag the bodies out, saying they'll clean up the mess.
Aurin tries to tie up the stormtrooper in the hotel, but once she starts to question him, he breaks free. Varek and Leelan rush into help, then immobilize him and start questioning him. Leelan manages to convince him to give up some information and tells them numbers of troops guarding the estate and the location. Having got what they wanted, Varek shoots him and they leave. He calls C'athall to let him know they got their information and C'athall kills the two stormtroopers and dumps them. The team regroups at their hotel. According to the stormtrooper, there is a platoon of Imperial guards, 3 squads of stormtroopers and a squad of speeder bike scout troopers. The estate is patrolled by a half dozen probe droids inside the perimeter fence. Hack begins working on infiltrating their system. He gets in and pulls up floor plans of the tower. There is a secret escape tunnel in the subbasement that leads to an airspeeder garage concealed on the property. They decide to infiltrate through the tunnel and set up two remote triggered thermal detonators. The first one will go off at the end of the tunnel, luring guards towards it. The second will go off in the basement itself a few minutes later and seal the tunnel, trapping some of the guards. They decide to fly their shuttle in and land on the roof. Hack programs a safe zone into the probots' patrol pattern and they rent some swoop bikes for the middle of the night run. Hack's bicke breaks down, but Leelan fixes it. They get inside the estate, sneak through the tunnel and plant the thermal detonators. Hack also plants some programs in the system so they can override the elevators. But on the way out, Hack has more driving trouble and and the probots come after them. They shoot it out with the bots and escape.
The team gears up and makes a run on the building. As they approach, they trigger the thermal detonators in sequence. The mansion loses power, then the emergency lighting comes on inside.As they approach the landing pad, they see four rooftop stormtrooper guards. But all four guards are standing together looking at the grenade explosions. Leelan clips them with the shuttle and nocks them off the ledge… They land and head inside the building. On the floor of the master suite, Varek surprises two guards and slays them with his light repeating blaster. They move into a room with turns out to be a secretary's office and then into the premier's office, they realize this is where his broadcasts were recorded. They hear a pair of TIE fighters pass over the estate and start circling above.As Varek leads the team through the far door, stormtroopers come in behind them. The team splits with Hack and Aurin fightng the stormtroopers at the rear while Varek heads into the hallway to try to circle back. But he meets another guard and more stormtroopers and is hit and knocked out. As Aurin and Hack take out the stormtroppers at the rear, C'athall leaps into the hallway with a rifle in one hand and a pistol in the other and shoots down the guard and a stormtrooper and Leelan helps mop up. C'athall treats Varek and gets him moving. They enter the premier's quarters and find him and his wife. They explain they are here to rescue him, they didn't know he had a family. He refuses to go without his daughter, she has a room on the floor below. Varek blows out the window and jumps out with his jetpack. But the jetpack misfires and he barely manages to get control and fly back up. He shoots through the daughter's window and finds her held hostage by a guard, but the guard shoots at Varek. He drops the guard and grabs the girl and flies her upstairs. Zaonderh calls in from the shuttle, an Imperial troop shuttle is landing on the grounds and the two TIEs are still circling. The team gets everyone into their shuttle and Leelan noses off the edge and dives for the ground, flying an evasive course through the treetops. They escape without pursuit.
Once they reach the safehouse, they explain matters to the premier and he agrees to record the broadcast to support the Rebellion. A few days later, they get they activation signal from Rebel command. A rebel fleet lead by two Mon Cal cruisers attacks the system. Other Rebel teams have infiltrated the system as well. One team has disabled the defenses at the Imperial base and another boarded* the star destroyer Revenge in orbit and turning her guns on the unsuspecting Imperial ships and battlestations in orbit. Bacrana falls to the Rebels and the people rise up to support driving the Empire out. With Bacrana and the Imperial naval yards taken, the rest of the sector will follow.

*- (GM's note- That was the original mission, but I gave some of the players a choice and they voted for a ground side mission since the last adventure was space based.)

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
It was a wild night of dirty jokes and side conversations and we got very little done. I made very few notes because of the sheer volume of the insanity.
Leelan gets a seismic motion detector in his prosthetic foot, Emily wants it activate by a tongue control like Clarissa Mao in The Expanse.
Mike "You look like an old man chewing on peanut brittle"

The spaceliner solo cabin is very small like one on a train
Kevin "The future of the past is now"

Lee "Instead of Clone Wars, it should be clone porn. Clone Whores"
Jim "That puts a whole new spin on Disney's new <Clone Wars cartoon> series"

Renting a shuttle
Kevin "We should take the insurance option"

Emily rolls well for Leelan to fly the shuttle and Emily is proud of her character's flying
Emily "We should have an award ceremony"
Michael <slow golf clap>
Lee "Are we there yet?"

Discussing the gross green milk from the sea cows in The Last Jedi, the Wookieepedia says "Characterized by their udders, large flippers, and long snout…"
Mike "That's how you characterize strippers; by their udders"

Trying to flirt with the stormtroopers, Aurin deliberately spills her drink on her shirt
MC " 'Pour some sugar on me' comes on"

At the beginning of the second session
Lee "Are we going to have a Rogue One ending?"
Jim "I hadn't planned on it"
Discussing how the characters could do themselves in
Kevin "Oh, this is a <Tibanna> gas mine?"
Lee "Darth Vader can't be that tough"
Jim "I hadn't planned on a TPK, but if you screw up enough…"
Lee "Challenge accepted!"

Aurin is tying up the stormtrooper
MC "Not hog tied, just 50 Shades of Grey"

Varek helps Aurin with the stormtrooper
Mike "Are you going to bum rush him? Or butt stroke?"
Kevin decides Varek will hit the stormtrooper with his rifle's stock
Mike "You ARE going to butt stroke him"
Lee "We've now moved into a different kind of roleplaying"

Talking about new Dr. Who and meeting Peter Capaldi at a con
Lee "Peter Capaldi is the House of Dr. Who"

Discussing renting/stealing vehicles for the raid
Lee "Can we get a bus and call it the Bang Bus?"

C'athall is going to go all out to attack
Mike "I am going John Wick"
MC "Pencils shoot out of his blaster"