Anubis captures Scopuli, Julie Mao taken prisoner (5/4)
Canterbury responds to distress call, destroyed by Anubis (5/8)
Holden makes first broadcast (5/8)
Ceres riots (5/8-11)
Protomolecule infects Anubis (5/10)
Julie Mao escapes from Anubis (8 days after capture) heads to Eros in shuttle (5/12)
Phoebe science station "attacked"
MCRN Scipio Africanus destroys Belter prospector ship Xinglong
Donnager picks up Knight (5/19)
Donnager and stealth squadron mutual destruction, Tachi escapes. (5/19)
MCRN states has destroyed 18 "illegal warships"
Holden and crew arrive at Tycho station, about 3 weeks to a month after Canterbury destruction (Jim- Tycho was 11 minutes com time, or about 1.4 AU from Donnager. 6 days at .3G, 3.4 days at 1G) (5/25)
Earth withdraws from Ceres
Miller fired
Belter and Martian ships exchanging fire
Julie arrives on Eros, sends "signal" to OPA, Tycho gets it 3 days after Rocinante arrives
Rocinante heads to Eros, about a week's travel
Miller heads to Eros
Holden and Miller meet, find Julie's body
Eros station explosion and lockdown
Martian blockade of Pallas
Riots on Ganymede
Ceres seizes all Martian registry ships
5-6 days after Eros Incident begins, Holden transmits Donnager battle records
Rocinante searches Anubis, gets Protomolecule sample
UNN opens fire on MCRN, destroys Deimos
UNN-MCRN war begins
Rocinante returns to Tycho Station
8-10 days planning
Attack on Thoth Station
Belter harassing attacks on MCRN
Work slow down by Saturn ice miners
Two Earth mining operations attacked by Mars or OPA, 400 dead
10 days after return from Thoth, Eros feed decrypted
Week or two later, Eros starts talking
Begin prep of Nauvoo
Earth science ship Lyell and escort headed for Eros
Rocinante and 5 transports headed to Eros
13(??) days of high G to beat Lyell to Eros
MCRN nukes Phoebe
Protogen's involvement in Eros exposed, MCRN steps back from attacking Earth blockade of Mars
Eros dodges Nauvoo, begins to move, goes radar invisible, Earth launches nukes, Tycho steals them. Eros changes course to Venus (September 1)
Eros arrives at Venus and breaks up

About 5 months, start to finish. Using September 1, 2021 as my orbital diagram date, the campaign is going to start in February.