Lesser of Two Evils

The party leaves Raidne's druids' grove and heads back to civilization. Not sure where to go, they set out for Verella and make a short stop in Helonshire to visit with Hudora's parents again. As they approach Verella, they hear the thundering hooves of charging horses. A group of what appear to be commoners come flying up the road, but as they pass the party, they hurl curses and claim "Tharizdun will be free!" They must be cultists! Then comes more hoofbeats and another group approaches, but these are obviously warriors, led by two figures armored in black and red mail on black horses. The leader booms out in a magically enhanced voice "Make way or feel the Master's lash!", they are Liartians! The party follows and rides hard to catch up. The pursuit turns onto a side road and the cultists head for a wood bridge over a narrow gorge with a creek. As everyone approaches the bridge, more cultists and a flying demon come out of the trees ahead to ambush the Liartians. Raidne casts Erupting Earth before the bridge, forcing the cultists to swerve aside. A wizard on the other side casts Fireball on the Liartians, slaughtering their horses. The cultists open up with mass volleys of Eldritch Blast cantrips.
The Liartian priests retaliate with a Mass Cause Wounds and a Reaving Blades spell at the cultist wizard. Hudora activates her Fire Arrows quiver and hides, taking shots at the cultist leader and the demon. Raidne uses Call Lightning and concentrates on the demon and cultists. The cultist wizard tries to Dispel Magic on the blades, but they continue to chew on him and he Misty Steps away. He manages to dispel the blades, but Harper drops him with a long bow shot. Pancho tries Enemies Abound on the demon as it flies over the battlefield shooting fire rays down. Pancho casts Dimension Door, teleporting himself and Hudora off to one side where they can get flank shots on the battle. Their horses are left behind. The Liartians charge, but two of the cultists hit them with overlapping Hunger of Hadar spells. They charge through and slam into the first group of cultists, cutting many down. The warlock casts Scatter, teleporting one of the Liartian priests and a man at arms back near the party. Eroe charges around the southern side of the battle on his horse, shooting at the cultists across the river. The Liartian fighter takes Pancho's horse and rides back into battle. The priests casts Sending to tell Harper that the cultists have stolen an artifact that will let them contact their god. Torn between her hatred of Liartians and fear of the cultists, she tells the party to concentrate on the cultists. The Liartian steals Hudora's horse Giselle and rides up to the battle. The cultists on this side of the bridge have almost been wiped out, but all the other Liartians have fallen in the battle as well. One cultist tries to take something from the dead warlock, but the fighter on Pancho's horse cuts him down. With the warlock leader and cultist wizard and the first batch of cultists down, the rest break and start a fighting retreat. The Liartian fighter bends over the dead warlock who throws him a bag and says something, the fighter cuts his head off. Harper rides up and tells the fighter to give her the bag, he surrenders it to her. She feels a hard, oval bowl shaped object about ten inches long, even through the bag, she feels it is an object of great evil power.
Eroe and Raidne continue attacking the fleeing cultists, some turn Invisible. Pancho uses Dimension Door again to move Hudora and himself into the path of the fleeing cultists. She casts Sleep on one of the cultists, but another one is invisible nearby and he attacks. Hudora cuts him down with her sword and dagger.
The last Liartian priest approaches Harper and demands the artifact back. She refuses and he gathers himself to attack her, but he and the last man at arms are both wounded and the party surrounds them. Pancho and Hudora bring their captive over and Pancho uses Charm Person to get him to talk. The Liartian fighter says the warlock told him that someone else had already succeeded and Opal would be a witness to their god's return. They question the cultist and put together the facts. Cultists raided the Liartian temple in Verella and stole one of the artifacts of the Liartian faith, a magical mask. The Liartians here pursued the thieves. But the surviving cultist says that they attacked three different Liartian temples simultaneously, they only need one of the artifacts. The demon was supposed to ferry the artifact to Opal for a ritual, which will happen in two days. The warlock's last words imply that another of the raiding parties succeeded in their mission and one of the artifacts has been delivered. The cultist doesn't know all the details, but if the adventurers know that if the cultists perform some sort of ceremony in Opal, thousands of people could be witnesses, strengthening their alien god and helping pave the way for it to intrude into their world. Harper and the Liartian cast Sending to pass the word to their churches that the cultists have a major ritual aimed at Opal. The party wants to help, they will need to take a shortcut through the Feywild, that's the only way to get to Opal in time to help out. The Liartian wants the artifact back, Harper isn't willing to give it up yet, she asks the Liartian if he will join them to journey to Opal and stop the cultists? The Liartians are flabbergasted at her offer (GM's note- So was I! I didn't see that coming!) and agree so they can try to recover the mask later. They quickly check the bodies for anything of note and recover a few items from the cultist leader and wizard. The Liartians grab horses from the dead cultists and the combined group mounts up to ride away to find a spot for Raidne to open a portal to the Feywild.

Silly Quotes and Smart Remarks
There were one or two comments, but I forgot to write them down since we were very busy with a massive battle. The only one I remember, which was kind of funny-
Stacy was talking about how the Reaving Blades spell reminds her of the flying saw blades in Will Smith's Wild, Wild West movie
Nick "I still need to see that"
Jim "It's not as good as the original"
Nick "WHAT! It's a REMAKE?!"
Brittany missed the second session, Sam seemed to have taken over rolling nines
Jim "Brittany would be proud of you"
Sam "Nine!", imitating Chmiel's bad german accent