Lennon's Sisters

Shu Zhen Ang is the eldest. She is ten years older than Lennon his memories of her are more of a surrogate mom and as a young adult leaving for college. She was already married with teenaged children when Lennon left Londinium. She is the sister he knows least though she was the most likely to show up to get him out of trouble when he was a teenager. She wasn’t at all surprised when her younger brother suddenly about faced from a career path that made her proud in order to pursue yet another one of his crazy idealistic schemes. She now presumes her brother is dead.

Mei Zhu Ang is 6 years older than Lennon. She too was married when Lennon left Londinium with a child and another on the way. Mei Zhu was the most competitive of all the sisters, working hard to impress her parents by graduating early and becoming employed in parliament as a high level administrator. She wonders about her brother’s missing in action status, but like her older sister, is fairly certain that what it really means is that he was killed in the war.

Xiang He Ang (pronounced “shang hay”) is less than two years older than Lennon. Being the closest in age, they had the tightest relationship; as much friends as they were siblings. She nearly joined him in his Londinium military aspirations, but ultimately followed the same path as her sisters. She had a new job and was engaged to her current husband when Lennon left. More than either of her sisters, she holds out hope that her brother is alive and well somewhere in the universe and has just forgotten to contact them (as usual).

Xiang He now lives on Bernadette, in New Paris with her family. After seeing Lennon interviewed on the Cortex after the rescue of Senator Von Alksburg, she contacted him and he visited her there.

Lennon's family often uses traditional Chinese family titles to address each other, especially in casual conversation. Because all of Lennon's sisters are older than he is, he uses the Chinese convention of their birth order in relationship to each other rather than him. (otherwise they would all be "Jei Jei" (big sister) to him.)

He calls Xiang He (the youngest) "Mei Mei" and his eldest sister Shu Zhen is "Jei Jei". Mei Zhu, who is in the middle is "Jei Mei" (not a real Chinese convention. Lennon made it up.) All three of the girls call their youngest brother "Di Di" (little brother).