Lennon's Side Trip

(Emily missed a session because of post surgery recovery, although she did listen in and contribute via Skype for part of it. Later I met with Emily and went through the events of Lennon's trip with Fiolla.)


After the gang attack, Lennon and Fiolla Hart get a taxi to her hotel. When they arrive, and open the door, her room is in shambles and has been ransacked. They quietly search the room and Fiolla finds her personal cortex terminal, files and back up pistol have all been taken. The connecting door to her assistant's room is open and it has been similarly tossed. There is a small splatter of fresh blood on the floor, Lennon takes a sample.

Concerned that her assistant has been abducted or killed, Fiolla is worried about the fact that their opponents may have traced the crew to their ship. She had her assistant Magg following the crew, so they may have followed him to the Yellow Submarine. She suggest that they get passage on a commercial liner to someplace like Liann Jiun and meet the ship there. Lennon agrees and contacts Sata to put the plan in action.

Lennon and Fiolla head to the port to book passage. Lennon uses his Oberlindes travel voucher to get a first class passage for himself, Fiolla gets one for herself and pays for their shuttle tickets to the skyplex to connect with their ship. Since Lennon only has the clothes on his back and his medical bag, they spend some time visiting the shops in the spaceport's concourse. For a little while, it stops feeling like a covert mission and more like a normal shopping trip. As first class passengers, they are able to relax in the line's luxury lounge before catching their shuttle.


The ship departs in the afternoon and they decide to dress up for dinner. The two relax and unwind, trying to get into their cover as a couple travelling together. Lennon leads Fiolla to the ship's piano bar and sings Beatles tunes. By the end of the evening, they are holding hands and the romantic setting works on them and they end the evening cuddling before saying good night.

The second day on the ship is more of the same, with some serious talks about their histories and why Lennon left the core to join the Independents. He makes a reference to the rescue of Von Alksburg and Fiolla finally connects him and the crew of the Yellow Submarine to his rescue. Her respect and admiration for them go up dramatically. That evening they decide to order dinner in and their quiet dinner turns into a romantic night in Lennon's bed as they put aside their other reponsibilities and relationships for an evening.

Pirate Attack

The next morning they are walking in one of the ship's viewing galleries, waiting to watch the approach to Qin Shi Huang and its many populated moons. Lennon has started to feel a little bit guilty about his actions and things are about to get awkward. Just after the ship comes out of pulse drive, the liner shudders violently. From years of wearing headphones on space ships, Lennon is familiar with the way a ship feels even if he can't hear the engines. He fears the ship has been hit. Emergency alarms sound and announcements begin asking passengers to return to their rooms. The crowd mills about despite the efforts of stewards to get them to return to their rooms. Fiolla and Lennon spot a ship approaching the liner through the windows, its an old Venator class patrol ship, no markings or insignia.

The liner's captain comes on and announces that the ship has been disabled by pirates and if they cooperate, no one will be harmed. He repeats the orders for passengers to return to their quarters. The crowd begins to panic. Lennon jumps on a table and calms the crowd and directs the stewards to gather groups of passengers and conduct them to their rooms.

Lennon wants to go talk to the captain, but Fiolla tells him the pirates are only there for them. There has not been a pirate attack in White Sun in decades; its too much of a coincidence. She argues they need to get off the ship if only so the pirates will back off. Lennon is not totally convinced, but he gives in and they rush to their rooms to grab his medical supplies and such. They head for the lifeboat bays as the pirate locks on and docks to the liner.

On the way to the lifeboats, Lennon grabs a firefighter's prybar from an emergency locker as the only weapon he has. Coming up to the bay, they hear a pair of pirates in space suits approaching. They surprise the pirates as they turn a corner and Lennon fights one of them with his prybar. Fiolla hits the other, then grabs the shotgun from his hands and shoots him. With the two pirates down, they head for the lifeboats. Lennon picks up the first pirate's flechette rocket launcher.

Revelations and Escape

Finally reaching the lifeboats, they hear a shout from down the hall. There is a group of pirates approaching, led by the man from Zarb's vidmessage. With no other option, Lennon fires the flechette gun at the pirates, then they duck into the lifeboat and eject. Lennon takes the controls and sets a course for the nearest moon, Santo. Fiolla seems to be in shock. Lennon contacts the port control and gets clearance for an emergency landing. Once they are safely away from the pirates, Lennon asks Fiolla what's wrong and she replies that the leader of the pirate group was her missing assistant Magg. Apparently he had been a traitor all along.

The morning's events catch up with Lennon and he becomes very angry at Fiolla for forcing him to flee from possibly endangered lives on the liner and for her double crossing assistant. He is also upset that their presence on an Oberlindes ship brought the pirates down on them; he feels that is a poor return for Marc Oberlindes' gesture of gratitude. He is most angry with himself for ignoring his relationship with Liz for something that merely had been fun at the time.

Once they land at Santo and talk to the authorities, Lennon contacts Sata to have the ship come and meet them on Santo instead of Liann Jiun.