Lennon's Contacts

Lennon’s Contacts
While its true Lennon does know a local on most of the Border and Rim worlds, they are not people who he knows well or can rely upon for help. These people meet that standard.

"Mr. Black Skull”
Black Skull is a somewhat infamous hacker on Londinium. Lennon met him (Lennon thinks it’s a guy) on a Cortex music fan site when he was a teenager. Lennon had money to pay to acquire Beatles songs and Black Skull enjoyed “liberating” data from those who had it. Even after Lennon left Londinium to fight in the war, he stayed in contact with Black Skull. Black Skull still finds Beatles music for Lennon and is one of the few people who still knows him as Wu Shen.

Rob Ecklar
Rob is a medical supplies dealer on Boros and one of Lennon’s prime suppliers. Rob owes Lennon for some medical favors and always gets Lennon supplies at cost. Lennon can count on being invited over for some of Rob’s wife’s home cooking if he has time. Hispanic male, about 50.

Molly Stine
Molly was the classic farmer’s daughter growing up on Hera. Like her two older brothers, she left home with a rifle in her hand to fight. After the war, she returned home to tend the family farm and brew some of the best moonshine east of Serenity Valley. White female, early 30’s, suntanned with blonde hair.

Jerry Heck
Jerry was a young volunteer from Meridian who ended up a corpsman working under Surgeon Lieutenant Lennon on Hera. He accompanied Lennon and Wilks on The "Last Flight" from Serenity Valley. Now he runs a fishing trawler on Meridian. Black male, early 30’s.

Peter Hernandez
Pete was a Browncoat born and raised before the word was ever coined. Growing up on Regina, having to make do with what they had, there was no way he was going to accept a bunch of soft core worlders telling him how to run his life. He fought hard in the war and got a medical retirement of sorts. He currently runs a general store in the hills of Regina, serving the miners and farmers of the area. White male, early 50’s, grey hair and a limp.

Liz Hammerstein (Dr. Habrunay)
A very recent addition to Lennon’s circle of friends, Liz is the town doctor in Levittown on Zephyr. A rim native whose family managed to have her educated on one of the Border worlds, she does her best to help her neighbors with what she has. Living in a cattle town of ranchers and farmers, Lennon’s visit was a breath of fresh air, someone she could talk to. She hopes Lennon’s travels bring him by again soon. White female, very beautiful, brunette hair, late 20’s

Liz and Lennon occasionally chat on the cortex. They usually talk about medical things and consult on each others cases. Lennon, who is a surgeon now seeing a lot of medical cases with his mobile clinic likes running things by Liz, who has more experience in medicine. And Liz appreciates having a surgeon to consult with when she needs it.

Admiral Sharpe of the Glory
Lennon met Admiral Sharpe and the rest of the Glory's crew when the Yellow Submarine assisted in their salvage mission. Lennon treated Admiral Sharpe's respiratory disease while en route with the promise of procuring better and more effective drugs. He has the ability to contact Sharpe and they have sent messages back and forth.

Group Contacts
Marc Oberlindes is the current head of the family owned Oberlindes Shipping company based in Leedor on Persephone. Oberlindes has shipping and freight services in the core and border worlds. It’s not the largest, but it is strong and growing. They are currently in a rivalry with the larger and more established Tukera Lines. He is a connoisseur of fine wines. Marc is tall, very thin with black hair shot with some streaks of grey. White male, early 60’s but in excellent health.

Gustav & Lisa Fireau are the father and daughter owners of the Fireau et Fille vineyard on Harvest. They make some of the Verse’s most renowned wines, especially the rare Zila eiswine. Gustav is in his late 50’s and getting fat in his age, with dark hair and long mustache. Lisa is in her early 30’s, slender and beautiful with her late Arabic mother’s black hair and dark complexion.

Jane Sunli is a plantation owner on Constance and a major member of the Orbital Railroad. She receives refugees and gets them false papers and a new life. It’s a rough change for these core worlders, but better than death or an Alliance prison. She is always accompanied by her bodyguard Nick, a tall Hispanic man with a short beard and an impressive rifle. Jane is Asian, very slender and in her late 60’s and supposedly the ugliest woman on the planet. No one crosses the “Dragon Queen”.

Ching Fan is a prospecting coordinator for Alliance Prospecting Services on Regina. He manages a regional drop point in the hills of Regina, supervising prospectors and mineral surveys and handling supplies. He is Asian, in his late 40’s and very thin. Living in the dry back country seems to have wrung out of him every drop of water he could spare.

Magistrate Hofmeyer is the regional Alliance magistrate in Levittown on Zephyr, originally from Osiris. He owes his daughter Lisa’s life to the crew for rescuing her from kidnappers. He is a very honest and dedicated official, enforcing the law for the sake of the people. Tall and thin with short blonde hair. His right hand man is Lt. Quan, also from Osiris.

Reverend Black on Deadwood is the very model of a tough, weathered, frontier preacher. He dresses in a black duster and cowboy hat and carries a worn brown satchel on a strap over his shoulder.

Baron Von Alksburg is a major player in the Alliance Parliament. A native of Persephone, his family has a long and noble history. Von Alksburg opposed the War of Unification and is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. His current efforts are focused on improving living conditions on the Rim, rationalizing military spending (and reducing corruption) and regaining suffrage rights for former Independents.