Lennon aboard the //Yellow Submarine//

His Stuff: Lennon’s clothes are mostly Independent and old Londinium military surplus, picked up cheap after the war. He still wears his military issue brown coat with his medical officer rank insignia. Most of the time he forgets he has his stethoscope around his shoulders. As he comes from a trauma/field medic background, his pockets are usually stuffed with a variety of medical equipment, drugs, and tools of his trade.

His Space: Lennon’s crew quarters are next to the medlab. Predictably his space is decorated with some cheap reproduction Beatles posters, but he has very little else. Like others who were evacuated quickly from Hera, he didn’t have time to grab much or the ability to carry it. He took his trunk with his music memorabilia and a few personal necessities. For most of his time on the Yellow Submarine, Lennon used a large portion of his quarters to store the medical supplies for his mobile clinic. It was after a gentle nudge from Liz that Lennon realized that it was possible to store his supplies in one of the ship's many storage lockers. He still has the same few belongings, but now he has more room to stretch out.

Lennon keeps his room like he keeps his workspace: orderly (according to Lennon's own personal filing system), but ready for action. The Medlab is laid out so he can quickly accept patients, triage them, and get to work fixing them. Similarly his room is set up so that he can be in there with headphones on, listening to music, and reading something interesting the moment he isn’t needed elsewhere. Despite his tendency towards neatness, he’s not afraid to make a mess to get the job done.

Working style: During the Unification War Lennon was well known for keeping his cool under pressure; working to provide the best possible medicine consistently and steadily in even the most trying battle conditions. He is at his best during a busy trauma; a champion multi-tasker, moving from patient to patient, giving orders, listening to reports, drawing up drugs, and generally taking charge in a seamless flow of focused frenetic energy. (So basically NOT like Sean Maher's Simon who is supposed to be this awesome surgeon, but always looks completely retarded when doing medical things on screen.)

Normal routine: Though Lennon relishes time alone with the Fab Four playing through his headphones, he isn’t necessarily a recluse and is equally happy in the company of others (even though the headphones may stay on). Despite his initial standoffish manner, he’s friendly with all of the crew and with passengers when the Sub has them aboard.

Lennon is a little less social in the mornings; emerging from his cabin for a cup of coffee and then retreating again. In the evening, Lennon likes sitting down for a meal with everyone and will even stick around for a few hands of cards or whatever entertainment is on tap. While not as good a cook as Archibald, Lennon has been a bachelor for a long time and has a number of decent “protein only” recipes that are useful whenever fresh foods are in short supply. On his cooking nights he plugs his squakbox into the ship PA so he can listen in the kitchen. He’s particularly adamant that kitchen stay clean so not to attract vermin.

When the Yellow Submarine is planetside Lennon is usually the first down the ramp so he can set up his clinic and see patients.

Hobbies: Lennon faces nearly every situation with a cool head and an air of calm detachment. He needs somewhere to express his emotions and so he doesn’t so much as have hobbies as passions. Lennon digs deep or he doesn’t dig at all. His fascination with the Beatles is, of course, legendary, but he enjoys other kinds of music as well. When planetside, he regularly seeks out live music performances.

His Handwriting: It’s totally illegible. No one can read it but him and half the time even he can’t figure it out. At times, it's hard to figure out that it’s even handwriting at all.

On the Com: Lennon is very good about using the com to communicate with the crew, but he never closes out his communications. In fact, it's hard to tell when he's done talking on it since he'll re-open the com to make little asides or add on to what he's just said.
An example:
"Can somebody bring my medical box to me? I need it for this guy who got shot."
"Oh, and I'll need someone to grab new power packs because the ones in the box are old."
"And my laser scalpel. It's on the charger."
"Also, I'm being held hostage here so you should probably be armed when you come."
"Okay. Well, I'll just wait until you get here."

Relationships with the crew:
Wilks: Wilks has been Lennon’s closest friend for a long time. They survived the war together and now, serving on Urho’s crew, they’ve seen each other through the bad and the good.Wilks helps Lennon with his crusade against shipboard rats and Lennon, with his clinic's increasing patient load and medical technology has been trying to train Wilks as an assistant. Wilks just hasn't been the same since the hunt for the Butcher. Lennon has been hoping that by giving Wilks a new and vital role on the crew that doesn't involve shooting people, he'll have his old friend back.

Captain Sata: Lennon likes the captain even if he’s still not sure what to make of him. Sata is a little more unpredictable than Wilks, which makes Lennon a little more cautious when it comes to friendship. Still, Sata has proven himself to be a more than capable leader; dedicated to both the safety and survival of the Yellow Submarine’s crew. Lennon believes in Captain Sata and trusts his orders, no matter how far-fetched they might seem at the time. When Sata needs a break, Lennon is always happy to take a shift on the bridge to watch the controls.

Archibald: Lennon’s feelings about Archibald are mixed. On the one hand, Archibald is the newest member of the crew. He also represents the establishment; the “suits” counting their money and getting rich by exploiting the poor. On the other hand, Archibald’s ambitions seem to lie beyond petty smuggling and he appears to be building a genuine enterprise. Lennon has seen the effort he puts in to keeping the Sub in credits, and for that, Archie has Lennon’s respect. (Though he thought the matching jumpsuits looked silly.) Lennon often refers to Archibald as “Stu”, a reference to Stu Sutcliffe, the legendary “5th Beatle”. This is Lennon’s personal version of the idiom “3rd wheel” (though he has never explained this to the others).

Saxon: Lennon and Saxon are both core world born and are both out adventuring in the black. They have a lot in common, but with enough differences to keep things interesting. Saxon regularly says and dose things that Lennon finds deplorable. The problem is that Saxon is so damned cool that Lennon finds it difficult keep up his anti-Saxon attitude for very long. More and more Lennon treats Saxon as part of the crew.

The Jackson: Lennon gave the Yellow Sub's mechanic his nickname (And of the many things on ship that Lennon has named, this is the only one that does not relate to the Beatles somehow). Commenting on how Jackson seemed unique in all the 'Verse for his affinity with the Yellow Submarine's inner workings, he added a "The" before his name. The Jackson is also from the same part of Londinium as Lennon. Now that the war is over and he's been away from home for so long, Lennon admits to occasional bouts of homesickness. At these times he seeks out the Jackson for a quick session of nostalgia.

Howard: Howard is easy to order around, which makes him good. After Archibald left, Lennon agreed to allow Howard to purchase his 1/5th share in the ship.

Mr. Wolf: Lang Ye also does what Lennon asks which makes him useful. His music sucks though.