Lennon Family

Lennon’s family
Lennon was raised in the suburb of New Brighton on Londinium. He is the youngest of four children. All of Lennon’s family has distinctly Mandarin sounding names, but they are used with the Western convention of given name first and family name last. Lennon’s family name, Ang does not translate into Mandarin because it’s not an actual word, but rather a “Mandarinization” of his great great grandfather’s name “Avery”. (This is similar to the way foreign names are “westernized” by immigration officials now.)

He has 3 older sisters who are all very bright and took predictable paths through life; going to university, getting married, working good jobs, and having families of their own. They still live near where they grew up. All of them are tall and have the same distinctive blend of Asian and European features.

Lennon grew up in a family where organization was a way of life. His parents were each employed as administrative assistants, working for the same employers for decades simply because they were so indispensable to their bosses. (Think Pepper Potts to Tony Stark.) His sisters showed similar aptitude; their younger brother did not.

As the sole chronically disorganized member of an organized family, Lennon was both the black sheep and the family “mascot”; seeming much more intense and a little wilder than any of his sisters had been, and as the youngest, given much more latitude. His parents were quite relieved that he took so well to military school since it assured him a stable and respectable future. They never quite understood his obsession with the Beatles, but supported it anyway (allowing him to keep his eyes bad on purpose and even tolerating his mustache and long hair experiments while on leave from school). They were very happy with his medical career goals (since even early on he showed very little aptitude for administrative work) and were understandably shocked and dismayed by his sudden decision to end his residency in order to pursue what appeared to be a dangerous and uncertain course.

Most of his family lives on Londinium now, but he still has a few relatives on Sihnnon. Several generations of his family have served as administrative clerks for parliamentary officials on Londinium and for the guilds on Sihnnon.

The Ang family follows Buddhist religious traditions.

Lennon has not contacted his family since he left Londinium for Shadow to enlist in the Independents Army. They received documentation after the war that Surgeon Lt Wu Shen Ang was Missing in Action after the Battle of Serenity. Lennon's youngest sister has occasionally tried to track down more information on what happened to her brother during the war.

Lennon’s Accent
It’s been brought up in the game that Lennon has a noticable Londinium accent. I think that’s cool and since we’ve been making Londinium out to be very British I’m imagining that Lennon’s accent sounds like a sort of amorphous British accent without any regional inflections. (Think about the operative's accent in Serenity.) Lennon then deliberately alters his voice to sound like the recordings he has heard of the Beatles talking. In particular he raises his voice at the end of statements so that they sound like questions. (There is precedence for this. The Beatles’ thick Scouse accents were as much a part of their manufactured image as the haircuts and the suits.)