Lennon's Mobile Free Clinic

About 2 years ago, Lennon got bored with just flying around. Sure he was free, but he was used to a lot more action so he decided to start a side project.

With the Yellow Submarine ferrying cargo around the border planets, Lennon realized that he was in the perfect position to do what he does best and organized a mobile medical clinic. His initial intention was to provide free medical care to browncoat veterans. On planets where they had regular runs, Lennon made local browncoat friendly contacts, usually shop keepers or bar tenders who could pass the word on that a doctor was in town.

Slowly Lennon got better at organizing these visits, giving his contacts advance warning of his arrival and fortifying the Sub's medical supplies with enough surplus to treat a few extra patients on the side. Working in the back rooms of bars and shops, Lennon had a few patients at a time and his activities went unnoticed by the entire crew. But things change and browncoat veterans have families and friends who need medical attention as well and in order to meet the demand Lennon had to be away from the ship so often that it finally caught the attention of Captain Sata.

The operation is large enough now that Lennon's supply surplus takes of most of his living quarters (leaving Lennon about a 7.5 x 5.5 space for himself). Now that the Captain is aware of his project Lennon tries to organize his clinic days in advance so that Sata knows when he'll be gone. Now that Wilks' skiff project is complete, Lennon has named her "Julia" and has abandoned his trusty mule, Lucy. On the days he runs the clinic he is gone from the first drop of the ramp until evening.