(Played by Emily)
Londinium transplant, ex-Browncoat, combat surgeon, Beatle-maniac, nyfitsaphobic.

What you actually need to know:

Lennon is the Yellow Submarine's surgeon and first officer. He is a core world military trained doctor who fought on the side of the Independents during the war.

He uses the Yellow Submarine as a convenient base of operations for a mobile free-clinic with a directive to bring core world medicine and technology to the rim worlds of the 'Verse.

Lennon listens to the Beatles and believes the rats are out to get him.

Lots of other interesting things:

Lennon aboard the Yellow Submarine
Lennon's Mobile Medical Clinic
Physical Appearance
Things Lennon has Named
Official Interplanetary (go) Fish! League Registered Physician
Lennon's Contacts
Lennon's Questionaire

Rough stats, final to follow*


Age:32 Description: Browncoat Combat Surgeon
Homeworld: Londinium

Agility: d10
Strength d6
Vitality d8
Alertness d10
Intelligence d10
Willpower d8

Athletics d6
- Running d8
- Dodge d8
Discipline d6
-Concentration d10
-Morale d8
Influence d6
-Leadership d12
-Bureacracy d8
Medical Expertise d6
- Surgery d12+d4
- Criticalist d10
- General Medicine d10
Perception d6
- Empathy d10
Pilot d6
- Shuttles d8
- Transports d8
Planetary Vehicles d6
- Hover d10
Guns d6
- Pistol d8
- Assault Rifle d8
Unarmed Combat d6

Highly Educated (m)
Things go Smooth (m)
Talented- Medicine (m)
Military Rank- Officer (m)
Steady Calm (M)
Good Name (m)

Hero Worship (m)
Credo (m) Help the injured
Loyal- Veterans (m)
Phobia- Rodents (M)
Comfort Object (m) music player
Memorable (m)