Contacts for Lelan D'nali

Jedi Master Saesee Tiin- Master Tiin is one of the Jedi Order’s most celebrated starfighter pilots and is also a gifted engineer, most notably responsible for adapting the Delta-7 Aethersprite starfighter for force sensitive pilots.

Though Saesee is a daring pilot and brave in battle, he considers the training of his Padawan Lelan D’nali, one of his most daunting assignments. As an Iktochi with a Mirialan Padawan, he was under a great deal of scrutiny by the Mirialan Jedi community. Prior to taking on the task, Tiin studied the Mirialan language and culture extensively in order to satisfy the requirement that Lelan be trained and taught not just the Jedi way of life, but the Mirialan way as well. Despite this pressure, Saesee took great care to teach Lelan about the many beliefs and cultures the universe contains and always encouraged him to make his own choices rather than strictly adhere to the culture of his birth.

Having served and travelled many years as a Guardian and Ace in the Jedi Starfighter Corps, Master Saesee Tiin currently resides at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant where he sits on the Jedi High Council. He still oversees the Jedi Starfighter Corps in an advisory capacity.

Jedi Knight Nuune Mos - Nuune (pronounced "nu-nay") is a Mirialan Jedi knight who was in Lelan’s Jedi initiate clan. They grew up together in the temple on Coruscant with 8 other initiates (all Mirialan) and have the shared experience of not just growing up as Jedi, but growing up as Mirialan Jedi. Nuune and Lelan were best friends as well as friendly rivals during training and lessons. Nuune was a Padawan to a Mirialan knight and passed his trials shortly before Lelan did(something he never lets Lelan forget). Like Lelan he has been stationed to an outpost in the outer rim. He is tall, thin and in his early 20's. His skin is slightly more towards the green shade than Lelan's and his hair is less bushy. Though the pattern of his tattoos is different than Lelan's, the placement is similar.

Jedi Master Luminara Unduli - Master Luminara is a Mirialan Jedi currently residing at the Jedi Temple though she her diplomatic duties often take her to all corners of the galaxy. She is the cultural liaison between the Mirialan Jedi and the Council, ensuring that the culture and ways of her people are respected even as they follow the Jedi path. Lelan was initially her choice as a padawan learner, however when she saw his piloting ability, she stepped aside and even encouraged Master Tiin to take on the task. Several years later she took on Barriss Offee as her apprentice.