Lelan D'nali
(Played by Emily)
Physical Description
Lelan is a Sojourner Mirialan male. He is tall with olive toned skin, very bright blue eyes, and very bushy curly dark hair that he wears in a pony tail. He is traditional Mirialan tribal tattoos on his face, hands, and chest.

His robes are of the very traditional sort. He carries a lightsaber with a green crystal (of the type normally preferred by Jedi Consulars even though he is a Guardian). Though the Jedi do not wear any identifying insignias, Lelan's flightsuit bears the winged symbol of the order with the wings outstretched to indicate that he is an ace in the Jedi Starfighter Corps.

Lelan was born on Mirial and taken from his family before he was two years old. Though the Mirialans maintain a close knit community within the Jedi Temple. Lelan does not remember his family or Mirial. His Jedi "family" is all he has ever known.

He has only recently passed his trials and was formerly the padawan of the celebrated jedi star fighter pilot Saesee Tinn. Shortly after Lelan's apprenticeship ended, Saesee was promoted to Master and appointed to the Jedi Council. Lelan is proud of his master's accomplishments as well as the work they did together. It is his greatest wish to someday follow in his master's footsteps.

Though Lelan is committed to the Jedi order, he maintains strong ties to his cultural origins on Mirial.

As a youngling and then as a padawan Lelan attracted attention early as naturally gifted pilot and skilled swordsman. He was hand picked as a padawan by Saesee Tiin to join the jedi starfighter corps where he honed his skills as a pilot, gunner, and squadron leader. Lelan is charismatic, confident and easy going, but he has been untested on his own in difficult situations. In his short career, Lelan has experienced mostly successes with very little failure or uncertainty. The result is an unintentional cockiness that comes from never having experienced true adversity.

One exercise in humility that Lelan has experienced over and over is the battle with his own digestive system. Always a picky eater and sensitive to any food not in his limited dietary repertoire, he had no idea that as a Jedi envoy he would be faced with so many opportunities to embarrass himself with local cuisine. Since so many meetings seem to involve either eating or drinking something that tastes disgusting or doesn't stay down, Lelan prefers to stay in a cockpit whenever possible.

Like all Jedi, Leland travels light, but a little less light than most. He brings with him a small collection of Mirialan ritual objects and a case of extra food pellets for emergencies.

Lelan sees himself on the track that his own master has walked. He too hopes to become a great Jedi pilot and eventually serve on the council.


Talented: pilot (major) +2d6 to piloting
Talented: lightsaber (minor) +1d6 to lightsaber
Leadership (minor)

Superstitious (minor)
- Lelan is Mirialan. They have a lot of traditions and rules.
Overconfident (minor)
- Lelan has a little more pride in his abilities than is seemly for a Jedi to have.
Weak Stomach (minor)
- Despite Lelan's training and service as a cultural ambassador and diplomat, local cuisines and tastes just don't agree with him. He can't pretend it tastes good and doesn't keep it down after.
Credo (minor)
- As a Mirialan, Lelan is part of a culture that maintains a strong emphasis on community. As a Jedi, Lelan is part of a different and much larger organization and community. All Mirialan Jedi struggle with the question of loyalty. Are they most loyal to the Jedi or their people?

Contacts for Lelan


Dexterity: 4D
lightsaber: 5D
dodge: 5D

Perception: 4D
Command: 5D

Knowledge: 2D+1
languages: 3D+1

Strength: 2D+1
brawling: 3D+1

Mechanical: 4D
starfighter pilot: 5D
starship gunnery: 5D

Technical: 2D+1

Special abilities:
+2 bonus to survival in temps below 0C
+1 bonus to strength to resist radiation

control: 4
- Absorb/Dissipate Energy
allows the Jedi to absorb or dissipate energy, including light, heat, radiation and blaster bolts. A successful control roll means that the energy is dissipated. If the user fails the roll, she takes full damage from the energy. The character must activate the power in the same round to absorb the blaster bolt or Force lightning — the character must be able to roll the power before the attack lands.
- accelerate healing
A Jedi who uses this power successfully may make two natural healing rolls for the current day (12 hours apart) regardless of the severity of the injury. The Jedi gets a +2 modifier to both Strength rolls to heal.
- hibernation trance
This power allows a Jedi to place herself into a deep trance, remarkably slowing all body functions. The Jedi's heartbeat slows, her breathing drops to barely perceivable levels, and she falls unconscious. A Jedi can heal while in a hibernation trance, but can do nothing else. When a Jedi enters a hibernation trance, the player must declare under what circumstances the character will awaken
- concentration
When using this power, the Jedi clears all negative thoughts from her mind, feeling the Force flowing through the universe and her own being. The individual Jedi concentrates on one specific task at hand. If the skill roll is successful, the Jedi may add +4D to any one action in that round.
- control pain
A wounded Jedi who controls pain can act as if she has not been wounded, starting with the round after the power roll has been made. The wound is not healed, but the character doesn't suffer the penalties of being wounded: a wounded Jedi doesn't suffer any die code penalties; an incapacitated character can still act normally, as can a mortally wounded character. This power can also be used to shrug off any stun results.
- enhance attribute
A Jedi uses this power to increase a single attribute for a limited amount of time. A Jedi can only increase one attribute at a time. If a character invokes the power to enhance a second attribute while the first attribute is still enhanced, then the first enhancement fades and the second attribute receives the benefit.

Skill Roll > Attribute
Difficulty By Duration/Increase
0-13 +1D / 3 rounds
14-25 +2D / 2 rounds
26+ +3D / 1 round


- projective telepathy
If the Jedi successfully projects her thoughts, the target "hears" her thoughts and "feels" her emotions. The Jedi can only broadcast feelings, emotions and perhaps a couple of words — this power cannot be used to send sentences or to hold conversations. The target understands that the thoughts and feelings he is experiencing are not his own and that they belong to the user of the power. If the Jedi doesn't "verbally" identify herself, the target doesn't know who is projecting the thoughts. This power can only be used to communicate with other minds, not control them..
- lightsaber combat
Jedi use this power to wield this elegant but difficult-to-control weapon while also sensing their opponents' actions through the Force. This power is called upon at the start of a battle and remains "up" until the Jedi is stunned, wounded or worse; a Jedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back "up." If the Jedi is successful in using this power, she adds her sense dice to her lightsaber skill roll when attacking and parrying. The Jedi may add or subtract part or all of her control dice to the lightsaber's damage; players must decide how many control dice they are adding or subtracting when the power is activated. A Jedi who fails when trying to activate lightsaber combat may only use the lightsaber skill for the duration of the combat. Finally, the Jedi may use lightsaber combat to parry blaster bolts as a "reaction skill." The Jedi may also attempt to control where deflected blaster bolts go; this is a "reaction skill" and counts as an additional action. (The Jedi cannot full parry when trying to control deflected bolts.) If the Jedi tries to control the blaster bolt, she makes a control roll: the difficulty is the range of the target (use the original weapon's ranges) or the target's dodge roll. The blaster bolt's damage stays the same.

Sense: 4
- life detection
- life sense
- receptive telepathy
- instinctive astrogation
- magnify sense

- lesser force shield
- dim other's senses

Alter: 4
- telekinesis
- force push/pull
- split force
- inspire
- light
- kinetic combat

- battle meditation
- enhance coordination