Leelan Questionaire

Shreik-Hawk Crew Questionaire

Your name is? (Is that your real name? If not how did you acquire this nickname? Do you have any titles or pseudonyms?)
Leelan D’nali. It means “stout of heart” in Mirialan.

What do you look like?
My mother gave me her thick curly hair. I have Ta Moku on my face, chest and hands. I am marked as a Sojourner Mirialan born on Coruscant and with my tribe and family’s heraldry, but nobody really cares about that anymore.

Most of my marks were made after my family relocated to Telos IV so they are more relevant to my status as a refugee. The ship we escaped on was called the Mynock. About a quarter of the Mirialans in the Favela had the Mynock mark so you can imagine what it was like considering the Mynock was a cargo ship and not really meant to carry passengers.

My hands are marked as an engineer though and I am proudest of that.

What is your style and attitude?
I was born on Coruscant so I learned to speak Basic at an early age, but once we were in the protectorate and then on the Mynock, I stopped because everyone around me only spoke Mirialan.

Jayoz told me I should start back up again when I was 17, so I’ve been practicing a lot.

I think the hardest part is that Basic doesn’t include any signaling so you have to guess what the speaker really means by facial expression and tone of voice. It means that sometimes, I don’t get jokes that are told in Basic because I just think that people are just telling a story. The opposite is true too. If I tell a joke and signal for irony, but don’t make it totally obvious I’m kidding, no one gets it.

Do you have any quirks we should know about?
I don’t think so, but I expect others must find my adherence to the Mirialan Essential Doctrine strange. We get up at dawn to “hold vigil” and carry “honor beads” made from the ashes of our ancestors.

I always look for other Mirialans where ever we go. There used to be colonies and small groups of Mirialans living all over the galaxy, but it doesn’t seem like that anymore.

What kind of impression do you think you first make?
That probably depends on how much you believe in the Empire’s propaganda. If you believe it, I am a scary guy with tattoos conspiring with all the other people with tattoos to murder and pillage.

If you don’t believe in the propaganda, I’m just Leelan. I like to fix things and I want to fly ships. That’s it.

Where do you hail from? (Where were you born? Where did you grow up? What was your childhood and youth like? What does your family think about you?)
I was born on Coruscant. My mother is from Mirial and my father was born on the colony on Brentaal, but I don’t remember much of growing up in the core. I was only a baby.

Most of what I remember was life on the Mynock which was a lot of my childhood since it took years to fly to Telos without light speed.
Both my parents are gone now. It was hard to keep things clean on the Mynock with all of us crammed in there. My mother got sick during the journey and never really recovered. She died shortly after we arrived on Telos. My father was a bystander at a routine identity check that turned violent a few years ago. He was shot twice before he could draw his weapon, but he was just trying to take his papers out of his pocket.

Mirialans aren’t allowed to carry weapons on Telos.

What is your best quality as a person? (And your worst quality? Be honest. It’s not like it’s a job interview or anything.)
I think being Mirialan is my best quality. I was taught to work hard, respect others, and to always contribute the best I had to offer. That is what we are like, so it is what I am like.

I do wish I wasn’t always so homesick. Since leaving Telos, it feels like every situation is either strange, slightly dangerous, or both. It would be nice to feel “at home” somewhere again.

Describe your favorite things and your least favorite things (foods, drinks, books, music, assault rifles, etc.)
I think my favorite things are the thoughts and memories I keep in my head. Since I had to leave Telos in such a hurry, I didn’t get to take much with me.