Leelan D'nali

Played by Emily

Physical Description

Leelan is a Mirialan refugee male approximately 24 years of age. He is tall with olive toned skin and very bright blue eyes. He has traditional Mirialan Ta Moku (tattoos) on his face, hands, and chest. What is most striking about his appearance though is his thick head of unruly curls. He leaves it free when relaxing, but tames it in a pony tail when he needs to work or concentrate on a task.

As Leelan left Telos VI and came to join the Rebellion with very little more than the clothes he was wearing at the time his only clothes are a few sets of coveralls which he has designated "dirty job", "general use", and "fancy". He always keeps a string of clay beads in his pocket.


Leelan’s life has been shaped by the infamous “Mirialan Sabotage” on Coruscant that occured just prior to Palpatine's declaration as Emporer.

Born on Cosrucant 3 years prior, Leelan was luckier than most in that both his parents were Republic diplomats in service of the Miralan Trade Ministry. Now refugees, fleeing the planet they had been born on, they used their small savings and a few useful connections to escape with their son. Leelan was 4 years old when he boarded an aging passenger liner without light speed capability and living facilities for less than 30 that would be shared by three times as many. He did not step on land again until he was nearly 6 years old.

Life in the Favela

Most of Leelan’s life has been spent living on Telos IV within the Mirialan Ghetto, called the Favela, or simply “The Vel” by its inhabitants. With the current political climate, it is nearly impossible for Mirialans to find work outside the Favela; driving an already insular culture to circle the wagons even tighter. Mirialans raised in The Vel have little understanding of the outside world and often only speak barely enough Basic to get by.

The Telos system, strategically important since the Clone Wars, sided with the rebels early on and throughout the early Imperial era, maintained a policy of sanctuary for refugee cultures seeking asylum and a new start. The Favela is one of the few remaining free Mirialan colonies since the creation of the Mirialan Protectorate (with the Imperial advance, the Protectorate was extended to a full blockade of the planet Mirial itself).

On Telos, Leelan was a pupil of Jayoz Widen, a former Mirialan Senator who fled Coruscant with the help of Bail Organa. Jayoz now owns a small repair business within the Favela where he mostly repairs ground vehicles and other small appliances.

While Jayoz is mostly considered to be a harmless old man with heartwarming stories about the glorious Mirialan Renaissance in the last days of the Republic, he also attracted a following of young Mirialans. For them, he acts as a mentor and inspirational figure providing them with aspirations of hope and possiblity. What they don’t realize, is that he maintains his ties to Bail Organa and the Rebellion. What Jayoz hopes, is that by inspiring these young Mirialans to break away from their insular culture and learn about the greater universe that exists, they will join the rebellion and bring freedom to their people.

Jayoz's instructions to his proteges were simple:

  • Learn Basic well
  • Find work outside the Favela
  • Adapt and fit in to survive
  • Join the Rebellion
  • Return Mirial to glory

The only problem was that while his pupils were very good at the first 2, they were only moderately successful with the 3rd, and few ever went on to do the 4th. Most of Jayoz’s young charges learned basic trade skills and worked menial jobs close to the Favela.

Leelan’s earliest memories are of life in space and he still has a fondness for spacecraft. As a child he dreamed of someday becoming a pilot though as he grew up, he realized that as a Mirialan, he would never be accepted to flight school. Jayoz took him in and encouraged him to help around his little shop and learn skills he could use to find work in a ship yard. Leelan worked hard and discovered he had a natural affinity for understanding the workings of mechanical things.

Leelan found work on Telos outside the Favela for a Telosian parts dealer named Quardo. Quardo mostly dealt in salvage ground vehicles and small space craft. He hired Leelan as cheap labor breaking down various ships into parts to either be sold or scrapped. Leelan quickly proved himself a valuable and trustworthy employee, gaining new responsibilities and skills. The most exciting task of all was when Quardo started sending Leelan on his own out to the scrappers outside the Telos system flying a rusty old hauler full of junk.

Despite the Telosian policy of generosity towards refugee settlers, there was still tension between these outsiders and other Telosians (even refugees). Mirialans were accustomed to a certain amount of “special treatment” from local law enforcement and those that didn’t want “their kind” around. Despite this, Leelan was content. He had a good job that paid better than most Mirialans earned for a boss that treated him fairly, he got to fly on a regular basis, and he was well liked within the Favela.

Flight from Telos

Leelan started working on an old R5 Astromech that had been sitting, ignored and non-functional in Jayoz’s shop for years. Jayoz told Leelan that if he could get it running, he could have it. Figuring it might be helpful to have such a droid around for his work at Quardo’s or that he could sell it for more than it cost to fix, Leelan started rebuilding it. The only problem was that some of its missing parts were not easily obtained in The Vel. But, since Quardo didn’t deal in droids, he regularly shipped some of those parts out to scrappers. He could have asked Quardo to buy them, but the parts weren’t cheap and Quardo didn’t do discounts.

From experience, Leelan knew that the scrappers that Quardo worked with produced a “Valuation Manifest” with a list of the parts they were taking and the price they would pay for them as raw materials. Then, after Leelan handed over the parts, he was handed back an invoice along with the credits. When Leelan handed all the paperwork to Quardo, Quardo only looked at the Valuation and the credits to see if they matched; never the actual invoice. This meant that if Leelan wanted a few of those R5 parts for himself, he could pay the scrapper price and give Quardo his credits instead.

It didn’t take him long to collect what he needed, put his R5 back together and start programming it. Jayoz found Leelan’s scheme for obtaining the droid parts as scrap materials very interesting. He asked Leelan to keep an eye out for a few things and offered to buy them the same way if Leelan ever came across them.

The plan worked well and soon Leelan was diverting a small pile of parts into Jayoz’s hands regularly. Quardo never noticed that the Valuation Manifest didn’t match the invoice because the credits always added up. What Leelan didn’t know is that Jayoz didn’t use the parts in his shop, he smuggled them off Telos for use repairing ships in the service of the Rebellion.

It wasn’t until a shipment of those parts fell into the hands of an Imperial Scanning crew who, after finding them in the hidden cargo holds of a smuggler who was a known rebel sympathizer, reported them stolen. It was easy to track the stolen parts back to Quardo who listed them as loaded on to a hauler for scrap. No scrapper could report accepting those parts.

Jayoz’s rebel contacts alerted him to the situation and he quickly realized that once an investigation was opened, it would ultimately lead to Leelan (and possibly to him as well). Though he wasn’t really sure that Leelan was really ready, he made arrangements to smuggle him off Telos.

Leelan reacted with the expected panic and tried to convince Jayoz to let him stay on Telos and work it out on his own. It was only when Jayoz explained that if this was prosecuted locally, the best case was that Leelan was a Mirialan who stole from his Telosian boss and would go to prison for a long time. The worst case would be Leelan going to prison AND ALL the Mirialans in the Favela accused of conspiracy with the Rebellion. He convinced Leelan that it would be better for everyone if he disappeared. He would have a good home with the Rebellion. They would take care of him and he could represent the fight for other Mirialans, maybe convince more to join.


Leelan is very new to the rebellion and to living away from a Mirialan community. Though life in the Favela was hard, it is the life Leelan has known and he is terribly homesick much of the time. On the other hand, the Shriek-Hawk is the nicest ship Leelan has ever been on so some of his homesickness has been tempered by the excitement of being on a real ship in which nearly everything works.

His excitement on finally serving on a real ship aside, he was trepidatious about joining the crew. He worried about how the crew might treat him and about whether he might be forced to compromise his Mirialan values and spiritual practice. It was the fact that the Shiek-Hawk needed both a mechanic AND a back up pilot that convinced him. Leelan couldn’t resist the opportunity to fly a fast ship that wasn’t an old junk hauler and since he had taken the remains of a few old YG transports apart on Telos, he was pretty sure he could keep her running.

The first impression might be that Leelan seems shy particularly in new situations and around new people. He speaks fluent Basic with a thick accent that occasionally makes him hard to understand. He also has a tendency to talk with his hands, adding Mirialan signal gestures to his words. He is very interested in the Rebellion and the lives of his crew mates so that shyness will fade. He is proud of his Mirialan heritage.

Leelan has a love hate with his R5 astromech "REDO" which, for a free droid that he repaired with junk parts, performs with a surprising level of mediocrity. He can often be heard arguing with it in Mirialan while they work. What is most amusing is that the droid appears to like to argue back, often using its retractable arms to produce Mirialan signal gestures.


Leelan's personal desire is to learn to be a great pilot so he can be the first Mirialan to successfully run the blockade and rescue his people.

A Quote

"Old and worn out doesn't mean it's not going to run again. It just needs a little Mirialan TLC."

Leelan Questionaire

- Talented Pilot (M) +2D to Piloting, Space Transports
- Mechanical Empathy (m) +1D to Space Transports Repair
- Religiousity (m) +2D to Willpower once per session.

- 2nd Class Citizen (M) -2D to social interactions
- Credo (m)
- Suprstitious (m)

Spaceport Mechanic- Duros Female Rada Traad- Rada and Leelan did some work together and Rada knows which strings to pull for prompt repairs. She has sympathy for the Rebellion and will help as long as it doesn't mean getting shot at. She works at the port on Ralme IV

Junk Dealer- Junker Chag from the planet Orma. Chag has organic legs, but mismatched cyberarms, the left has two blaster pistols built into the forearm. Its face is covered by a faceplate from an old droid and yellow eyes glow through the photoreceptor slits. Chag wears a blue hooded robe similar to a Jawa's and a utility belt with many tools and pouches.

Imperial Bureaucrat- Human Male Khoan Russ- Khoan is an older official, he actually got his start in the Old Republic. He has sympathy toward Leelan's Mirialan people and is helpful with little things. However, he is not aware Leelan is involved in the Rebellion, that might be a test of his job loyalty. He works on the sector capital world of Bacrana.

Leelan owns an old R5D0 Astromech named "Redo".
Type: Industrial Automaton R5 Astromech Droid
Computer programming/repair 7D
Space transports repair 4D
Equipped With:
-Scomp link
-Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
-Retractable heavy grasper arm (+1D to lifting, maximum 2D)
-Retractable fine worker arm
-Small circular saw (4D damage, 0.3 meter range)
-Acoustic signaler
-Holographic projector/recorder
-Fire extinguisher
Move: 5
Size: 1 meter tall
Cost: 2,000 credits