Lee is another old gamer who is getting back in to it with his son, Callum. Lee and Callum played in the Young Gamers sessions and Lee joined the Secrets of Blackveil campaign with the ranger Chunorris. He played the tattooed monk Jeffakou in the Oriental Adventures campaign Blood Vengeance and Captain David Windsor in our Serenity campaign Lost Sheep.

Lee is recently ran started running D&D 5E, running Lost Mines of Phandelver, Storm King's Thunder and now Waterdeep Adventures. He also played Bruin Morningstar, a Jedi/Computer hacker in our Shadows of Discord Star Wars D6 campaign and Sly "Hack" Icebreaker in the Rebellion campaign.

Doing his character questionnaire for Lost Sheep
"I feel like I'm signing up for eHarmony"

Playing Settlers of Catan
<sings> "We built this city on rock and wheat!"

Making up PC names and consulting various character generator websites
Lee "Talon Blackstar"
Jim "Not T'lon with an apostrophe?
Michael "Sounds like a main character name"
Lee "I am the main character of every game I play in"

Joined 4/28/13