The Last Flight

Both Lennon and Wilks were on the ground for the Battle of Serenity Valley. Sata was on the Command Carrier above Hera, but was able to follow the events. Knowing that men were going to keep fighting even though the war was officially over, Lennon dismissed all the medical personnel under his command with families to go back to. The commanders of the 42nd’s infantry did the same and the 42nd set up their hospital for the last time in the safest possible location with a small team to protect it.

As the Alliance closed in, the perimeter around the hospital became tighter and tighter. The working conditions grew worse as supplies and personnel ran out.

Finally, on June 27th, Wilks received a radio transmission from Sata, that he was coming for them and anyone else who wanted evacuation. Wilks suggested that it was time to go and the rest of the team agreed. At first Lennon resisted; he had a patient on his operating table, and his place was in the hospital as long as there were soldiers out there still in need of medical care. Wilks won out when he pointed out that Sata had wounded on the ship who might actually survive were Lennon to go aboard and help them. He didn’t want the 42nd to end up like the 23rd.

Lennon left the OR (after ensuring that his patient would no longer suffer from his injuries) and then made a mad search through his own belongings to pick out a few favorite items just before Sata’s arrival. He was uncharacteristically silent during their getaway, sitting, staring at nothing with his headphones off and his squawkbox gripped in his hands. After the Osprey broke atmosphere, Lennon stood up, asked Sata if he could run music through the ship’s PA, and went to work patching up the wounded as though nothing had changed.

Captain Sata is known for having piloted the "Last Flight" out of Hera, rescuing several dozen (or several hundred depending on who tells it) Browncoats from Serenity Valley.

Lennon is maybe slightly less known for remaining behind on Hera with a small team of medics and infantry (which included Wilks) charged with the mission of continuing to provide a field hospital for all the soldiers who chose to stay and fight after the Battle of Serenity Valley was declared a loss for the Independents.