Large Cargo Shuttle

Large Cargo Shuttle
Dimensions: 150ft long, 35ft wide, 30ft high
Tonnage: 1000
Speed Class: 2 Full Burn: 3 (Reaction drive only)
Crew: 3
Fuel Capacity: 600 hours at SC 2
Cargo Capacity: 656 tons
Passenger Capacity: 20
Armor: none
Gear: 3 10 man lifeboats
Price: 14,000 cr.
Maintenance cost: 1,200 cr. per year
Agi:d4 Str:d6 Vit:d6 Ale d4 Int:d4 Wil:d4
Life: 10
Perception:d4 Pilot:d4
Complexity: Low

This is a typical and very generic example of the shuttles in this class. The large cargo shuttle is used to carry bulk loads from surface to orbit or from ship to ship in orbit. It does not have a pulse drive and is not a true interplanetary spaceship. Therefore, it is termed a shuttle, not a freighter. The cargo shuttle can make longer trips between moons around a gas giant or the planets of a companion star. It can carry 20 passengers in its seating area for short trips and the crew has minimal quarters for longer flights. Some ships that make regular interplanetary runs have limited passenger staterooms instead of seating. A pulse drive version would only have 556 tons of cargo space and cost 17,000cr.