Lang Ye's Contacts

Lang Ye’s Contacts
Mr. Nightwind- Another hacker, Nightwind is renowned for his uncanny hacking that triggers no alarms and leaves no traces.

Mamma Yuen
An old Chinese widow, she owns a restaurant in Hatze on Gonghe and is a local favorite. She never has trouble because too many locals, both crooks and cops, remember her with affection for her food and good advice from when they were children. She has only been robbed once, the robber got two blocks before being mobbed and beaten half to death. The sanctity of her place and home are greater than any church or temple.

A high tech mercenary, an edgerunner type. He makes a living selling his skill across the Core worlds. He’s actually something of a nice guy, several steps above the “go anywhere, kill anyone” type. Rumors abound about where he learned his trade; the most popular is that he’s ex-Alliance Special Forces. White male, brown hair and eyes, mid 30’s.

Peter Chou
An electronics supplier/technician on Gonghe, he specializes in computers, specifically hacking gear and software. Asian, late 40’s.

An enforcer for one of the Gonghe Tongs, he’s one of the meanest looking men you’ll ever meet. Asian, about 30, lots of scars. His tracking skills are as fearsome as the rest of his reputation; he’s often called “The Tong’s Hunting Dog”.

Group Contacts
Reverend Black on Deadwood is the very model of a tough, weathered, frontier preacher. He dresses in a black duster and cowboy hat and carries a worn brown satchel on a strap over his shoulder.

Baron Von Alksburg is a major player in the Alliance Parliament. A native of Persephone, his family has a long and noble history. Von Alksburg opposed the War of Unification and is the leader of the Opposition in Parliament. His current efforts are focused on improving living conditions on the Rim, rationalizing military spending (and reducing corruption) and regaining suffrage rights for former Independents.