Lang Ye

(Played by Kevin)
Lang Ye: hacker, master of spatial tactics and martial applications of found objects.

Physical Appearance
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Lang Ye

Age:?? Description: Hacker/Martial Artist
Homeworld: Gonghe

Agility d12
Strength d8
Vitality d6
Alertness d10
Intelligence d8
Willpower d6

Athletics d6
- Dodge d12
Covert d6
- Forgery d8
- Stealth d10
- Streetwise d8
Mech. Engineering d6
- Mechanical Repair d8
Perception d6
- Tactics d8
Tech. Engineering d6
- Computer Systems d8
- Electronics d8
- Hacking d12+d2
Melee Weapons d6
- Knives d8
Unarmed Combat d6
- Mixed Martial Arts d12+d2
Planetary Vehicles d6
- Hoverbikes d8
Vacuum Suit d4

Friends in Low Places (m)
Lightning Reflexes (M)
Talented- Computer tech (m)
Things Go Smooth (M)

Neat Freak (M)
Ego Signature (m)
Slow Learner- Guns (m)
Superstitious (m)
Deadly Enemy (m)