I'm Konrad, a fairly new tabletop gamer, but not by any means a new gamer in the general sense. Been doing this about a year now and plan to play many more campaigns. My gaming history includes many MMO's, rpgs, and many many many nights of Super Mario 64. As I update this page I'll be putting up basic character stats and some others notes mainly related to the characters.

My Characters: Past
From "Slavers of the Central Sea" - Zhao Yun, Tattooed Monk of the Dragon Clan monastery.

From Serenity "The Yellow Submarine" Campaign - The Jackson, Chinese ship mechanic and aspiring ship designer. (Basic sheet and most of the background by Jim.)

From Serenity/Space:1889 - Edmund Harper, an infamously cocky gunkite Captain.

From Hellboy/BPRD- Geck the Lizardman (retired)

From The Warlord - Jozan Santiago, pious servant and defender of the faith of Tyr.

My Characters: Active
From Hellboy/BPRD - Xander the Demonborn

From Cowboy Bebop - The Duke

From Secrets of Blackveil - Bard Aldur Maltathian

From Deadliest Cargo - retired Companion Richard Fieldings

From "Big Damn Medics" - Jett Winters

Random Quotes
"My bard's lute goes to 11"

Konrad: "I'm allergic to people."
Jerry: "So don't eat them."

"I'm a bit odd, but mostly competent"

Talking about a particular alcoholic beverage:
"Its like Frenet's pot smoking cousin"