"Kingdom of Kharn"


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The Kingdom of Kharn is a lawful good kingdom in Middle Earth. It maintains 2 major trade routes in the region. One goes East to West. It starts from the Port of Welland through the Outlaw Badlands to the high elven kingdom of Elpis. Merchants are escorted by guards, adventurers, and sometimes mercenaries when crossing through the badlands.

The second road goes North to South. it serves as the main artery for the kingdom and provides trade to the Northern and Southern nomadic tribes. The nation enjoys much wealth. Thus it remains a constant target to bandits and thieves. It also has a self sustaining agricultural system.

The Town of Ill
A farming town that holds an annual festival to celebrate fertility. The players begin here. The "Hills of Ill" are to the East/South and have been known to have goblins. Much of the food grown here is exported along the "Traders Turnpike". There is a river to the north.

Port Welland
A major source of wealth for the area. Food and animals are major exports. Metals, seafood, and textiles are major imports. Many large ships gather in the harbor. This city is the second largest in the kingdom.

Aeon is the capitol city of Kharn. Aeon Castle is in the center of the walled city. The king resides here with the royal family. It is the largest and wealthiest city in the land. The mage guilds have western branches and libraries here.

The Temple
A small and sacred village where the monks live. There is a temple on the edge of Lake Kharn. Some say it has a network of tunnels and many secrets. Some say part of the temple is underwater. A dense forest surrounds it. There is no road. One must take a boat down the river.

Western, Northern, Southern, and Eastern Towers
Watch towers guard all trade roads where they meet the border. Villages have sprung up around them. Royal barracks are built to defend the trade routes.

The Kingdom of Elpis is a neutral good High Elven Kingdom. It is the intellectual center of the region. It also allies with Kharn and Hagar Major. It trades with the Dwarves in the Dwarven Mines/Mountains. Elpis is enemies with the country of Hagar Minor. There is a canal going North to South, terminating in the capital of Hagar Major. It acts as a supply life line after the Hagar Civil war. Elpis enjoys a strong agricultural system, the best education, and is the at the pinnacle of the arcane arts.

Elpis Citadel
The great and lavish capitol city of Elpis.
The Mages guilds all have headquarters here. A group of 7 elders surround the Great High Elf Eustas". He is the King of the Elves. All elves look to him as their leader. Even the wood elves who live far away and live by their own ways. A large Citadel that can be seen for miles was erected here. It is white and ornate. The size is similar to a modern day sky scraper. It is next to Lake Elpis.

Draco City
Legend has it that the original city was once leveled by a fearsome dragon.

Dwarven Trading Post
The only place where elves and dwarves begrudgingly coexist. This is the only place the Dwarven nation interact with the rest of the world.

Temple of Elpis
The highest of high elves worship here. It is a mysterious and sacred place. Few humans are allowed in.

A city where the canal meets the trade road. Many goods are exchanged between the two modes of transportation here. It is like Venice where canals and roads intertwine throughout the city.

A small elven town in the woods.

Elven Outpost
An Elpis Army barracks is here. They help split up transport duties with Kharn from here.

Outlaw Badlands
The former Kingdom of Tula once existed here. It fell after years of political corruption plagued it. A powerful wizard turned the king to stone. He is still sitting in the abandoned and cursed throne room, in the Castle of Tula. Outlaws, bandits, small warlords, and thieves are now the general populous. They like to raid supplies on the trade road between Kharn and Elpis.

The City of Tula has lost much of it's original glory. It is fortified by a big wall. A weak (neutral good) democratic government runs it. It is often strapped for resources and struggles to fend itself from the outlaws. There is a castle built into the mountainside. It is cursed and haunted. Much treasure is trapped within. The democratic government operates out of a town hall near the center of the City.

The towns of Bone Gulch, Rim, and Grainger are not controlled by any organized group. They are lawless places of villainy.

The Former Kingdom of Hagar.
The former Kingdom of Hagar fell into civil war. It has been going on for 100 years. The conflict has split the land into 2 countries, Hagar Major and Hagar Minor, and a monster overrun territory known as the "Hills of Hagar".

Hagar Minor: The rebellious state. It controls the only farmland in the kingdom. It is self sufficient and seeks to rule all of Hagar.

Hagar Major: A hilly but fresh water rich area. The original capitol still remains here. It depends on trade with Elpis to survive. In return it provides rare spell components and animal pelts that can only be found in the local hillside. They can only supply a limited amount since losing the Eastern hills to monsters.

Hills of Hagar: A hilly area where certain animals and plants flourish. It used to be a major source of income for Hagar. It unfortunately was lost to monsters when the civil war weakened the military forces there. Only the brave venture there.

Northern Forrest
A large densely wooded region that stretches far and wide. Many nomadic humanoids live and wander here. Small villages and towns are scattered far apart. Only one city exists to the extreme North. The fortified city-state "Port of Polaris". It is a port on the frigid Northern Ocean that conducts business seasonally. It supplies seafood year round. The bay freezes over and ice fishing is common.

Nomadic Lands of Gaul
A large region of nomadic tribes. Similar to the Northern Forest. A minor trade route from Kharn supplies some of the more powerful tribes. The tribes usually follow the wandering heards of beast.

Kingdom of Kroz
Not much is known of Kroz. It isolates itself.

City States
Various city states that each have their quirks.