Kevin is a former gamer who got back into it when he joined our Serenity "The Yellow Submarine" campaign, playing the martial artist/hacker, Lang Ye. He played the British Inventor Wayland Abernathy Dashwood in our Serenity/Space:1889 campaign and the half-elven Mage Fenric in our AD&D campaign, The Warlord. Other characters include the monster hunter Hector in our Hellboy/BPRD games and the monk Giric in the Secrets of Blackveil AD&D campaign and the browncoat mechanic Silas Walker in "Lost Sheep". He played the Lasat Jedi Fom Terren in Shadows of Discord and a Mandalorian pilot Varek Quade in the Star Wars D6 Rebellion campaign.

He played the monster hunter Harker Quincy in Lee's D&D 5E campaign Waterdeep Adventures and then the firbolg druid Varis.

Kevin also enjoys card and board games like his wife Emily, such as Cards against Humanity, Dominion, Magic, Settlers of Cataan, Pandemic, Small World, and Munchkin. He is a cosplayer and amateur bartender, specializing in Tiki drinks and collecting Tiki mugs.

Assorted Quotes
We were playing King of Tokyo, and Kevin and Emily had the two city spots
Emily "We're a married couple; we stand together"
Someone rolled damage and hit them
Kevin "I'm out"
While playing Star Trek Panic.
Kevin "I am going to Kobayashi Maru the shit out of this"

Joined 3/8/10