Kanmorhan Vane

Ancient evils lie restless in their tombs, but their wards are fading and someone seeks to awaken them and gain their aid in reviving an even greater evil.

Campaign Setting "Midkemia"

Gods of Midkemia
Mage Guilds
Midkemia Wiki
Midkemian Assassin and Thieves Guilds

House Rules and Setting Notes

Players and Characters
Stacy- Human Sung Cleric Jace Forsythe Kerrigan
Nick- Human Barbarian Flynn Taggart
Sam- Keshian Human Warlock Raaha
Brittany- Kenku Ranger Zinnius Jackdaw
Jack- Elf Sorcerer Gala Foraoise

Crydee Travelers
Mountain Murders
Death's Service
Journey to the North
Silent Forest
Lost in the Mines
Island Invasion
Dragon's Cave
Demons Remember
Speaker to Elves
Pierce the Blackveil

Magic Items
Pearl of Power
Circlet of Blasting
Rapier of Flame
Stunning Mace
Tourmaline Dire Wolf
Ring of Spell Storing
Wand of Shelter
Hunter's Bow
Circlet of Intellect
Brandark's Harp
Bracelet of Fate
Wand of Fire
Ghost Short Bow
Ring of Mind Control
Staff of Fire
Basilisk Bow
Rod of Passage
Sword of the Wind
Wand of Lightning
Eyes of the Eagle

Who has what

Ring of Misty Step
Potion of Cloudkill