Kalidasa Campaign

The Kalidasa system is a study in contrasts. The major world, Beaumonde, is a very Earth like world and required very little terraforming. It was settled early in the 'Verse's history. It was pro-Independence, but not with the strength of the worlds of the Georgia system. Most of the other inhabited worlds were borderline terraformed moons with very low populations but strong Independence support.

In July of 2510, the Alliance mounted its first major campaign since the bombing of Shadow. A strong naval force moved into the system, flushed out the Independents' warships and settled in for a blockade of Beaumonde. The people of Beaumonde were given a warning: there would be no wholesale bombings of population centers, but if they did not surrender, their substantial space and planet based industry would be destroyed.

The people of Beaumonde surrendered after a week. On July 21st, 2510, Alliance forces landed without resistance and occupied the capital. Beaumonde's armed forces surrendered their arms and went into temporary internment camps. Alliance representatives, backed up by the invasion force, convinced the other worlds of the Kalidasa system to accept Alliance control and by January of 2511 the Kalidasa system was fully under Alliance control.