Kalidasa (also called Xuan Wu or Black Tortoise)
Kalidasa orbits White Sun at a distance of 121 AU, taking 1331 standard years to make one orbit. It is an F5 V star of 1.29 Solar masses. System map

Orbit AU Year Planets Moons Planetary Stats UWTN Trade
1 0.7 0.8 Aberdeen C311514-3 3.5 NA NI
2 1.4 1.5 Verbena C868764-3 4.0 Ag
3 1.7 1.9 Beaumonde A985864-4 5.0 In
4 2.3 3.1 Beylix Gas Giant
Angel C866664-1 3.0 Ag
Constance D745664-1 2.5 NI
Zephyr D643664-0 2.5 Ag
Lilac E762464-0 2.0 NA
Ita D542464-1 2.5 NI
5 3.5 5.8 St. Lucius Un-terraformed
6 5.9 12.6 Thalia Un-terraformed
7 10.7 30.8 Salisbury Un-terraformed
8 20.3 80.5 Penglai Gas Giant

Table Code Explanations

AU- Distance from star in Astronomical Units at 93 million miles or about 8 light minutes each
Year- Length of orbital period in Earth years
UWTN- Universal World Trade Number, a measure of planetary commerce
Planetary Stats:
Port Size Atmo Hydro Population Government Law –Tech Level Trade # Trade classification
A- Best, build and repair all, cheap fuel available.
B- Repair all, can’t build pulse drive ships, fuel available.
C- Repair all but pulse drive, no construction, expensive fuel available.
D- Minimum repairs, no fuel
E- No repairs, port may only be marked bedrock
X- No port facilities of any kind.
Size- Diameter in 1000’s of miles. Earth is 8
Atmo- 4 Thin, 6 Standard, 8 Dense
Hydro- x10% for amount of water
Population- Orders of magnitude; tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, etc.
0-None, family bonds dominate
1-Corporation controlled
4- Representative Democracy
6-Outside control; Alliance Magistrate or Governor
2- No energy weapons or explosives
3- No military weapons (machine guns, automatic rifles)
4- No paramilitary weapons (Submachine guns, assault rifles)
5- No handguns
6- No firearms except civilian hunting weapons
7- No firearms
8- No weapons larger than knives
Tech Level
0- Pre-industrial (Old West)
1- Industrial (20th century)
2- Technological (Space travel, fusion power, anti-gravity)
3- Advanced (Newtech x2)
4- Highly Advanced (Newtech x4)
5- Cutting Edge (Newtech x10)
Trade Classifications
Ag- Agricultural, food exporter
In- Industrial
NA- Non-agricultural; no food available for export or no local food production.
NI- Non-industrial; little or no manufacturing
Red Zone- World is off limits due to extreme hazards